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Title: My experience so far
Post by: Ovalcircle on December 15, 2017, 12:27:06 AM
I bought this game along with all the dlc back on March 24th. I have played about 11 hours. Not a single one of them has been actually playing the game. I've been having too much fun using cheats and messing around with the different factions. One of my favorite things to do this:
Map type: Crosshatch
# of planets: 80
Ai 1: 1/Cowardly
AI 2: 6/Cowardly
Lazy AI
AIP: Default 1 every 30 min
DLC: all enabled
Minor factions:
Human Resistance Fighters: 10/10
Human Marauders: 10/10
Dyson sphere: 10/10
Dark Spire: 10/10
Zenith Devourer
Alt-Champ Nemesis
Nomad planets: No (Yes during next play-through)
Core Shield Generators: No (Yes for next play-through so the AI home-worlds don't get wiped by my cheats)
No fast drones (Might be yes for next play-through)
GAme options: All visibility, enable cheats as well as Show unexplored planets

Step 1: Get my home command center killed so I lose.
Step 2: Look on map for Dark Spire generators, then spawn Resistance and Marauders on all the planets with them. Dark Spire ends nap time.
Step 3: Find Dyson sphere, spawn ships to destroy the AI command station as well as any buildings that can hurt the Dyson Gatlings.
Step 4: Spawn another Dyson sphere on an adjacent planet because I can.
Step 5: Watch as the end happens before my eyes. If the Dark Spire start running out of ships for some reason, spawn Marauders to kill everything (I lost so AIP is meaningless).
Step 6: Eventually, everything will be cleared out of ships. Dyson Spheres have a set path in between the home-worlds, where they vigorously chase down any enemies they find. Unstoppable. AI still sends waves to random planets for some reason usually near the Dyson Sphere, so I speed up time until they spawn. Watch the Dyson Gatlings hunt down the spawned ships. Due to Cowardly AI type, they run away when they are outnumbered, so it's a game of who's faster. Special forces occasionally spawn, get rekt as per routine. Keep it like this until I get bored and spawn waves upon waves of Marauders to destroy a Home-world command station. For the second and final home-world, use the cheat to spawn the Fallen Spire military ships. AI writes its final will and testament. Win while having already lost. Time paradox, universe collapses. Reforms into rebooted AI War 2 universe. Do the same thing there, but with the Nanocaust instead of Dark Spire. MFW I created AI War 2 by mistake. 10/10 would troll AI again.

Title: Re: My experience so far
Post by: openipka on February 09, 2018, 08:07:38 AM
Is Alt-Champ Nemesis still working without Alt-Champ Progress?
Title: Re: My experience so far
Post by: Ovalcircle on February 09, 2018, 02:22:43 PM
I deleted this save a while ago, but from what I remember, yes. Even though I was dead, they still sent waves.I think they were Shadow frigates or something. The ones that have the wings and look like a falcon. They kept getting sidetracked due to a Dyson sphere I spawned on a planet that is on the way to my (destroyed) Home Command Station. The situation is fickle though, sometimes waves get sent after I die and sometimes they don't.

Basically, yes.