Author Topic: Let's bring up "passive" champions again  (Read 5649 times)

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Re: Let's bring up "passive" champions again
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hi there,

kinda scared of asking this since I'm sure its out there somewhere (i just wasnt able to find it), and I'm kinda against making a new threat for a question like that

but what was the core idea of a champion in the first place?

my initial expectation was that its there to attract players who arent much of the "strategy" type, but do like to be a soldier in a larger picture.

especially with them being an option for a solo player, i expected them to be more blunt instruments, as compared to the whole "this counters that" mechanism for strategists.
a large slow spaceship with the firepower and defense of a fully capped fleet and the speed of a cruiser kinda. the abilitys would just be an added bonus.

basically: i play with a few friends (some who like direct action and arent rlly into strategy, some who like strategy and less direct action)
1) as part of the strategists, we generally discuss a while on the overlay map (with all the nodes) to discuss what we are going to take/do.
    generally, the action guys tend to alttab during this time, or attack while we are discussing. afterwards, we join in on the combat.

2) the direct action guys tend to like the strategy thing, just not the part where they throw in their 2cents. as in:
    they like the part of, "heres a giant, well constructed plan. your job in it is XXX". (only the last part interests them)
    i guess they like the feeling of "being part of something bigger", without actually knowing or caring exactly what it is.

in general, the ideal solution would be someone else managing there base, gifting them units that they use to attack.
however, this seemed to be not the way it was meant to be:
control groups do not work well with with shared control of units, and invoking "helper" players takes the combat part away from the initial player.
(theres many other things that just feel "off" if you try to go for this approach)

thus i assumed champions where the solution to this.
but in actuality, no one wants to play them since they tend to feel "weak" compared to the homeworld+army thing, and get boring rather fast.
while in fact, gifting 1 of those players a rlly strong golem like the botnet golem, generally satisfies them. (untill he loses it)

making him both carefull in not losing it, but giving him a large presence even compared to lategame armys (with the large zombie network)
champions are different than this, so it made me wonder:

what is the initial idea behind them? what spot are they supposed to fill but dont? (assuming this since theres many threats about it)
so i can join the discussion about them.
and does anyone have a practical solution to the thing i described, as it tends to get hard to round up the #2 guys to play this game.
(they basicallly only wanna play if we load up a save where they each get their own golem, or 5 mins before a rlly big battle (like exo's)) rather then enjoying the "whole" game

and I'm srry if this isnt the correct spot to post this, i dont use forums alot so feel free to move this to wherever it should be.