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Re: IGF Finalists are in (no AI War)
« Reply #45 on: January 11, 2010, 09:02:07 PM »
To be honest, it really is a border that has to be crossed, i mean playing with the settings you like, not the ones OTHER people consider "good" or other people consider balanced, what YOU consider fun is what YOU have to choose. I am talking about handicap and AI Wave modifiers.

People seem to believe that theres only 1 way to play a game, but i can tell you AI war is much more fun to me at 200% Handicap for me - and at normal waves without astro trains. With the Zenith ships and changes in 2.600 specifically to the damage boost ranges theres no longer any blockaded wormholes you can't break though with a hearty push. If all fails, push through with a golem, that'll definitely get you through ;)

So the point is, if you like action heavy gameplay, turn up handicap for yourself to positives - that way 99% of the time you *are* fighting and you are going to win victories that other players can only dream of at normal handicap. Like for example pwning Golems with kiting fortresses for fun. Having a super fortress next to your home command station etc.

I totally agree! for some reason i can't get comfortable in a game with waves, but if i play against a turtle AI then it's easy to get sucked in to a 5 hour marathon :D
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