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How to concede defeat?


Another newb question here. I have been beaten by the AI in my first game (well played, AI, well played), but they haven't taken my Home command station yet. It's just a matter of time though, since AI progress is too big, I can't produce enough metal to replenished my wiped out fleet, lost my advanced factory and fabricators and there's a ton of threat roaming around and taking out my systems one by one. So, instead of just watching them finish me off, I'd like to know if there's a way to concede defeat. I don't want to just quit, because I'd like the game to be scored anyway.


I've never paid the slightest attention to scores in this game; my position is that there are only two "scores", victory or death. :)

Looking at the high score list, games are listed as Incomplete, so you could just quit and still have it scored that way. Otherwise, you can try scrapping your home command station. If the game doesn't let you do that, scrap everything but the home command station and the threat fleet should come along shortly to finish the job.

Better luck next time! Though these forums are pretty dead these days, if you have questions go ahead and ask. As you can see I do take a look now and then, and others probably do too.

Thank you!

In the end it was faster than I thought. I couldn't scrap my command station, but soon a huge fleet showed up and put me out of my misery. :)

Yes, I see the forums are a bit dead. Is there anywhere else where the community is still active?

There is a discord server where most of the discussion has moved to


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