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Found a way to trick the AI?


The AI in AI War is really good, but no system is perfect.  We're all the time coming up with new strategies, and sometimes the AI isn't able to cope as well as one would hope.  Still way better than any other game we know of -- but again, that whole perfect-isn't-possible thing.

SO.  If you find a way to trick the AI, or a tactic that works just a little bit too well against them, let us know!  Odds are fair that we can implement some sort of counter strategy for the AI in the next patch.  You're likely to think of things that our alpha and beta testers never dreamed of, so your feedback in this sort of situation is vital to our being able to make our intense AI even smarter.

Tired of complaining about the AI in RTS games and never having anything happen?  Complain to us, and we'll see what we can do. :)


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