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AI War Champion Mission Help
« on: April 25, 2020, 07:11:18 pm »
Hey, so I recently started a game and wanted to try out the Champion System.

It went pretty well and I think I kind of get the hang of the missions. However, now I have run into something that is either a bug or I am doing something wrong. I cleared one of the enemy's Starbases with my Champion and then realized that the enemy was clearing my Allies' Starbases too. So, I looked into it and realized that the Starbases completely stopped attacking. They would sometimes spawn some ships but they too would do nothing but sit there and die. Also, when I needed health and a new shield, the Main Starbase did not heal me. In the other missions, this would also be a problem but usually, after flying the Champion around for a bit, they would eventually heal me (If there is a system to when you are healed, please share with me because this is kind of annoying...). This time, however, it completely ignored me. I then reloaded to an older save, when the Starbases were fine and now, they attack but the ships they spawn do not spawn in Free Roaming Defender (Before I reloaded, the Starbases were also not in FRD...) and therefore do nothing. The Main Starbase still doesn't heal me and considering that my Champion is low on health and my Allies do nothing, this mission seems lost.

Did anybody else encounter this bug/whatever and can either tell me what causes it (And therefore what to avoid) or does anybody have a fix or workaround?

I would really appreciate any help because aside from this, the Champion Missions are really fun...


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