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After destroying one of the AIs, will their fleets and planets stop being a thre


Or maybe nothing really changes and everything keeps behaving normally? Other than the exogalactic gate, should I still worry about defending border systems against a defeated AI?

Everything with that AI actually stays the same, it's just they are now beheaded to an extent.  Only once you take out both AIs is the threat truly over.  And even after that it allows you to keep playing if you feel like it, since we'd had people ask for that.  Actually things get a lot harder after you take out the first AI homeworld, so trying to set yourself up well to take out both in relatively quick succession is often a good idea.

Thanks. Experience just taught me that it does indeed stay the same. Man, what a tough game! I cannot even imagine how hard it will be when playing on normal difficulty with all settings turned on. Congratulations on a job well done. Loving every minute of it.

It just stays the same

I was curious about this as well. Thanks for the update!
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