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How to play additional music or disable a specific track.
« on: May 10, 2009, 08:28:26 AM »
From the email bag:  "Would adding other oggs to the music directory make them play in-game? Would removing an ogg make the game freak out? I ask because so far I like the music aside from Thor, which is definitely not to my liking."

Well, everyone certainly is entitled to their own tastes -- not everyone likes classic rock.  We've put a ton of work into our soundtrack, and we're really proud of it, but as with any RTS game we understand that you may want to listen to some of your own music in addition to that which ships with the game.  Seems like most consoles are supporting playback of custom music nowadays, too.

If you want to play only your custom music, by far the simplest way is to simply disable music in the game (through settings), and then just use your standard media player to play whatever you want.

If you want to add a few tracks of your own to the existing game soundtrack, you can do so by simply placing extra ogg files in the Music/Ingame folder inside your game's install folder.  

- If you are playing the game pre-0.940, then make sure you don't include tracks over 6-7 minutes or it will crash the game when it tries to load the file (we had not anticipated other people placing added tracks in this directory for playback).  
- If you are playing version 0.940 or greater of the game, then it will simply stop playing the music after it hits the point where it runs out of buffer room.

EDIT:  As long as you are playing version 1.007 or greater, song length no longer matters at all.

Sometimes when you hear new music, it takes a little while to get to like it because it violates your expectations with the melody or the rest of the sound.  This can be unsettling -- I felt that way about Rob Thomas's solo work at first, although now I love it.  So if you are thus inclined, make sure that you give each track a try to see if it grows on you with familiarity.  Sometimes melodic surprises that throw you off at first can be wicked cool once you know what to expect.  That's true of any music that tries something new and different!

However, that all said, we understand that not all tracks are always going to please everyone.  If you're in a situation like the original emailer, where you don't like a specific track or tracks, you can simply delete it from the Music/Ingame folder, or move it to a new folder (in case you ever want to add it back).  Do NOT do this while the game is running, but otherwise this won't cause any issues.

As always, thank you for support of the game!  A lot of people have already been commenting on how much they love the soundtrack, and we agree with them, but we also want to make sure everyone has the information needed to enjoy the game on their terms.
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