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List of fleet tactics and overall strategies

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let this be list of all tactics and strategy used in AI war.

That's a pretty broad topic.

EDIT:  But, looking below, it's certainly turned into a surprisingly valuable and cool topic, very quickly. ;)

I think he's talking about general fleet micro styles that people use.
I'll begin.

A very common strategy.  Set up large defenses on one of your planets adjacent to one with a large number of ships on alert.  Take a large fleet and bring it into said adjacent planet.  Quickly withdraw all of your ships to your heavily defended world and watch the fireworks.

Teleport Luring
This strategy really only works if you have teleporting ships (teleport raiders are preferred).

So, you take a large stack (Preferably full caps) of teleport raiders and put them on a particularly nasty planet.  Pause the game, and select attack all the guard posts you can with the teleport raiders.  Wait a few seconds, pause the game again and scroll out very, very far across the map, well beyond the gravity well that normally impedes ship movement.  Most if not all of the enemy guard ships should be moving towards them.  If they aren't, put them closer to the guard ships.  Wait until said ships are getting close to your raiders, and then teleport them farther away.  The guards should still be following them.  At this point, feel free to try to snipe off particularly pesky ships, like guardians (but stay far away from heavy beam and electric guardians, they utterly annihilate teleport raiders), but in general, try to keep your stack of raiders alive.  Note that if the planet has sniper ships or ion cannons, this strategy will likely not work at all, as the teleport raiders would go down much too quickly.

Now that you've created this distraction, send in your main fleet to clean up the rest of the defenses while the rest of the ships are far away chasing the teleport raiders.  Hopefully you'll be able to destroy most of it without having to directly confront the guard ships.  Note that this doesn't always work, though.  Slower ships will still be left behind, though they won't be much of a problem for your fleet to deal with, hopefully.  I'm not entirely sure how AI ships respond to the gravity well, either, as I don't use this tactic often.

with so much potential material, where does one begin? I'd best start with just a few.

Zerg Tactics
Some units are very tough for their price. Fighters and nenzul come to mind. These cheap ships provide such a good bang for their buck they should be part of all actions you do, whether it be offense or defense. If you have a cap of them and there are no AI offenses, send them out to AI worlds to kill units there, if only to prevent unit build up. The key is to accept that losing a cap is expected and frequent, but you should make sure to at least destroy a lot of AI as they go down.

Static vs Elastic Defense
Many defensive units protect one planet. These static defenses on a ship cap basis are cheap and powerful. They are also simple: Ultimately they prevent the enemy from hitting your command station and/or running to hit other friendly planets.  However, they are helpless to units with longer range and can't help out against that mega invasion happening next door. This is where elastic defense comes into play. This a broad tactic that uses fleets to cover multiple fronts at once. One example is to position a defense fleet several planets back from the front lines so that the fleet can timely arrive to defend 3 fronts. The key is not put all your defensive assets on just the frontline worlds, but to ensure there are several potential checks to the enemy hitting your homeworld.

Here is a completely fictional and erroneous account of why elastic works. Imagine the AI attacks with a fleet using 10 points. You have 20 points to distribute among four fronts. If you spread out the defense evenly, the 5 points of defense will fail to the AI 10 points. If you spend 3 points for every planet, then spend 8 points on a fleet that can defend any four of those planets, then your defense will win because now you have 11 points to the AI's 10 points.

Nuking Grounds
this strategy includes using a planet that has very little use (ex: 1 crystal) and using it as place where you place very heavy defenses where when AI attacks it for AI to break it they would need at lease over 5,000 ships. meaning when shields go down and nuke goes off you know that its been worth it (exception FF immune ships), or you could lead enemy into large contested but worthless planet and plant Nuke there to set off, when battle is lost. (at end of every game i feel i just need to nuke crap o AI home surrounding planets when free to do so)


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