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Issues with Force Fields and Cross Planet attacks
« on: March 11, 2010, 05:32:42 PM »
Good day;

My recent game was against 2x lvl 7 AI.  1 Raider and 1 Counter Spy.  It was on a 60-planet map, and ended with an eventual AI progress of approx.  3100, the game was started in 3.0.6, and completed in  Find below some items that seemed irritating or odd.  Pls confirm as to whether or not this is the expected behavior.

Cross Planet attacks towards the end of the game where 12k + attacking AI vessels.  No significant issues until the number of planets that the AIs controlled dwindled below 10 or so.  At this point, once the attack hit, the number of attacking vessels would be announced, but less then 40% would actually appear.  IE a cross planet attack of 12k turned into an attack of 5k, with the remaining 7k ships not spawning, nor increasing the threat count.

Force Field targeting seems to be borked.  With a core field overlapping a Mk III field, I could only target vessels that had 0% engines that where only under 1 of the fields.  If the vessel had engines or was under both force fields I could not target.  In addition none of the stationary objects, such as electric turrets, could be directly targeted.  Note I was using Resistance Frigates and Dreadnoughts.  The only way I was able to kill the force fields was a mass attack.  The auto targeting was able to hit the force field.

If you detonate an EMP missile on a planet with a Core Force Field the force field resets to having 88 Mil life.

If you detonate an EMP missile, followed by a Nuke, all Mark IV and below vessles under the Core Force Field (I believe not effected by EMP) die, but the force field lives.  Shouldn't either the force field take all the dmg from the vessels being hit and die, while the vessels live, or the force field and the vessels live?

The new Heavy Beam Cannons drastically change the methods of attacking systems.  At first look they seem to be to strong.  Hard to kill, able to detonate any missile in 3 hits.  This will have significant impact.