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Can't even make it past the tutorial

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Martyn van Buren:
Thanks much!  I'll go back and practice that situation til I get a feel for it once I've done this AI in.

Sounds great, and best of luck to you! :)

Winter Born:
Another defensive strat is stacking ForceFields(FF). Build 2 FF over your com station and have about 5 engies in a control group for fast selection. If underr heavy attack power down the FF hit hardest and command your group of engies to repair it, in about 2-3 sec your engineers will repair the powered down FF. Turn it on an power down the other one for repair. Use the pause key as required to make power up/down and engie repair commands easier. This technique can buy you time for the rest of your units to kill the invaders.

There is a lot to this game so take it easy, ask questions, and have fun learning.

I think a lot of it is that new players dont understand how important overkill is in regard to turrets. Sure, only 5 turrets might be able to defend the waves or minor border aggression for NOW... but lets face it. 25 is better. 50... doubly so.

turrets will generally be able to really hurt stuff even multiple marks above their own - a cluster of mk1 turrets, in conjunction with your full fleet will easily counter the ships that come through the wh after you.

The thing that still catches me out sometimes is if you don't have adequate static defences you might find yourself crashing your economy, or not being able to build them in time at all, when a huge cpa or some other disaster happens. More is always better, but it takes being caught out a fair few times (at least it did me) to remember to make sure you're still adding to and upgrading your turrets to keep up with the increasing threat posed by the AIs.


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