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AI War "Tip of the Day" -- What do you wish you'd known?

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Please see this feature idea for reference:

Or, to quote Winder Born:

--- Quote ---A sticky on the main board inviting members to post their favorite tip or a "I wish Id known this sooner" tip could go a long way to populating a tip database.

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So here we are.  Please post either in this thread, or as suggestions in the new Suggestion - Tip of the Day Ideas category on the bug tracker (in this case, either is fine with us, as the maintenance to add these is pretty low).

What did you wish you'd known sooner than you did, when it came to AI War?

- on the galaxy map, pressing 'q' shows the number of ships you have in all the planets, while pressing 'k' shows the knowledge you've harvested from each planet
- on the 'normal' planetary screen, pressing 'd' selects your space dock, pressing 'b' brings up the build menu and 's' selects any science vessels: means you don't have to find those buildings
- while you have ships selected, holding the 'v' key while right clicking somewhere will put those ships into 'free roaming defender' mode, which basically puts them on automated guard mode on that planet
- in a multiplayer game, each player can have a separate set of power stations on each planet, so gift each teammate a set every time you take a planet
- in a multiplayer game, you can gift fabricators to share them around the team
- if you put 2 or more shields over a key asset (eg your home command center), in an emergency, you can repair one while the other is being hit, buying you the time you need for your fleet to come back and rescue it

Winter Born:
The "L" key

Select some ships - Hit the "L" key and now you have 1/2 the original selected ships, again 1/4th
I often use it to select some engineers to assign to a task or ot grab a few scouts to send on a mission.

that ctrl-L took 1/3 of units..

and thus you can make 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 1/6, 1/8, 1/9.... etc. (damn you prime numbers! 5, I'm looking at you)

Or, that scout starships are ideal to bring with your main fleet (countersniper + tachyons) all the time. No more losing your entire fleet to spider turret fire..

After clicking the "reactors" button to bring up a list, you can shift-click to turn them on or off.


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