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I'm throwing this game in as a good one for a relay type game.
One resistance leader passes it in to the next kinda thing.
I already tried it and didn't last long - as some of you may know.
I plan on attempting it again sometime as it seems like a really good setup. So if anyone wants to give it a go, and pass on their save shall we say, a couple of hours per player? Obviously people can play as long as they like, but pass it on after two hours...

Zenith Remnants Expansion
80 Planets
AI Progress 1/60 2xDif 7 Random Easier
Human Colony Rebellion, Human Marauders, Human Resistance Fighters, Zenith Traders.

Complex Ships Selection.
There ya go anyway... Hope someone takes it up...
I'll join in at some point.

Sounds good to me! *downloads save*

Ok, i got it an hour in. Did some scouting and knowledge raiding, fended off a few waves, and you're left with a small force and a few light starships under construction plus a knowledge raiding fleet and a Superfortress to build. Oh, and i left notes for a plan of attack on the homeworld's notes section.

Heck, I'll give it a try.  These are always fun, especially when I ignore your notes for the next hour... (perhaps anyhow :)).

(this is a got it--I'll play an hour or till a good stopping point around there.)


I've changed the names of a few planets with large dangers to make them stand out a bit more(also I've marked them p0).

I played an hour and 20 minutes, took 2 planets(1 ars--gave us spiders), and cleared out one more that's on its way to a Radar jammer mk II + ion mk I and then only two hops away from a zenith power generator that we will likely want to take at some point. Also took out a data center so our progress is currently at 14.

Our main army is split between Orteve and Arxeza, and the next player can make the decision if we want to just leave Orteve neutered on our way to better targets or to take it, it has decent resources (2metal, 3 crystal) but nothing special on it.

An etiquette point to make.  Please don't unlock techs that you don't use at all(pointing the finger at leech starships, mobile repair stations, grav turrets and exo-shields here).  The first half of my play period would have been much less painful if I'd had some of that 8.5k knowledge available.

They had tanks, so we really needed at least one of the high range turrets, I ended up unlocking both missile mI's for bomber killing and laser mkI's.  Note that at least lasers seem to have a min chance to hit of 80%, not sure what the min chance of missiles is but its reasonably high as well, both are great at killing tanks.

Thoughts on our opponents.  One is clearly a zenith descendant, as they have all the zenith ships.  I've run into two super fortesses, so the other may very well be the type that specializes in them(fortress baron).


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