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--- Quote from: kjara on February 06, 2010, 10:13:47 pm ---Oh, and I tend to use at least some of what you unlocked, but not at the very start of the game.  For example, I don't unlock MRS until I have a decent sized group(usually after my 3rd or so planet taken)--the knowledge before that point is needed for offense so I can take planets before they get too entrenched and for turrets.  Grav turrets tend to make an appearance(if at all--they aren't needed every game of course) after 5 or 6 planets have been taken, etc.  It was just that none of them were needed yet in that game not that I'm against researching them at all.

--- End quote ---
Ah. Well i put 1 around each homeworld wormhole to slow down autobombs and the like in the version i have going, also have 2 MRSes repairing a fleet.

Anyway, here's the game at roughly 3:20 in.

I agree that Grav turrets are a great autobomb counter.  They are a less great tank counter :).

I'll let someone else pick it up and play for a bit, I'll prob jump back in after 1 or 2 more people have played it.

Edit: took a look at it, looking good

Only comment I would have for the next person is if they get a chance to get an ion cannon(prob mkII) in Isinor, they should take it if we are going keep a zenith plant there(which since it has a mk IV factory, makes sense to heavily defend).  More turrets may be necessary to handle the 2x raids as well.

Shoot, i forgot to update the notes. Ignore them.

Haha, yeah I noticed that.  I'm the only one who has dled if you want to update them for the next real player.

Ok, here's an annotated galaxy.


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