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Writing a module to play with the AI

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Is there a way to use the game as a "Programming based game".

For instance, Robocode is a Java based game, where players write java code to control robots that compete with each other.

I was wondering if there is a way to write some kind of code that would play against the AI in "AI Wars"?

It would be interesting to be able to write code that would play against the AI that ships with "AI Wars"..or even against code that is written by other players..

In conclusion, I would like to know if something like that is possible?

Thank you.

Sorry, but that's not the kind of game this is, and there's not any capacity for that sort of thing.

You seem quite disinterested in allowing the game to be used in the way I mentioned. I honestly believe that by allowing the game to be used that way, you will be pulling in a new kind of crowd. And a varied crowd will introduce the authors of the game to new and interesting ideas that otherwise would have never been thought off. It's like a feedback loop that serves to improve the game in many ways. I've played the game for a few hours now, and absolutely love it. With it's strategic complexity I think it could be great as a "Programming based game" as well.

So I don't believe you when you say, 'modding it to allow that sort of functionality is impossible'.



--- Quote from: kissandra79 on July 14, 2011, 03:08:21 am ---So I don't believe you when you say, 'modding it to allow that sort of functionality is impossible'.
--- End quote ---

Strictly speaking it is possible, but you have to keep in mind that the game is made by one and a half people who are currently working on getting another entire game ready for release this fall, so in a practical sense, that's way out of the scope of what can really be done with limited development resources.

Would it be kind of neat to be able to play around with stuff like that?  Absolutely, but there's already other stuff out there that does that well.  Would it be worth it at the expense of taking away from the already limited time they have to keep working on the kinds of things the game's already good at rather than diluting their efforts?

I never said impossible. But you're right that I don't have any interest in a game of that sort. It's a neat sort of idea, but not the sort of game I set out to make, or have interest in making. I could pull in vastly more players by making it PvP, too, but that's also just not he kind of game it is. I think it's important, when making a game as a small company, to know what kind of game you are making and not try to make every Hamas into all things for all people.


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