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Title: Semi-anthropomorphic Spire concept
Post by: Histidine on July 16, 2016, 02:48:13 AM
(this is for the Spire not-dating sim (

In SBR it's stated that the Spire are living ships, but some forum discussion (,15992.msg177086.html#msg177086) indicates they once had more "normal" forms (the sort of stuff you'd expect to find living on a planet). I've been doing an AI War mod for Starsector (linked at top), and plan to get some character portraits depicting Spire individuals in this older, more anthropomorphic existence.

Sketch (
(Yes, I know it's really simple/crude. Damnit Jim, I'm a programmer not an artist.)

So I'm asking Chris / Keith: Is this design anything like how you might have imagined the Spire people? Or can it at least be considered not a significant canon violation?
Also, is it at least biologically believable? (haha, as if anyone cares about that anyway)
If the answers to the above are 'yes', I plan to commission an artist I know to do proper portraits from it.