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Pymous' Alternative Ships/Structures symbols project

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Hello all,

First I would like to thanks Arcen Games team for this original, complexe, challenging and fun game we are all playing: Ai War Fleet command.
I just remembered my first game some weaks ago, I lost at the first wave because our friend, the AI, came with cloaked autocanons and just blown my command center before I were able to do anything. When I realised I lost so fast, I started to laugh so hard that I had the smile all the day. I knew this was a game for me and I wanted my revenge :)

But if I created this topic it's not to annoy you with my littles stories or my poor english. No, i'm here because the game caught me so hard that I started few days ago to draw at job (don't tell them!) on paper some ships and buildings from the game, and more precisely to draw them like I see them in my mind. But i'm not talking about the detailed graphics we can see when the zoom is at maximum, i am talking about Galaxy view icons. My main complain is difficulty to estimate the ship or structure class when you look at them. Some weak and small units have a large symbol when some starships have a small one, or sometimes you just can't tell what it is if you don't read the tooltip... So I decided for myself to make things more easy to see, to understand and I started to draw my own symbols.
I know that each unit is unique and you can't just classify them by weapon type or hull type, i know that. No, I would like to "identify" them by their "master class" and "race" that used the designers themselves: Basic ships and Bonus ships / Starships / Spirecraft / Guards Posts / Guardians / etc... you see what I mean?

This project will take time and if I am here it's because I would like to share my progress with you and I'll be happy to hear your criticisms and ideas. Of course I'll share the sprites and make them available for use.

Now it's time for some graphics. Here are some of the first ships/structures symbols i made and a screenshot with the three basics ships ingame. I'll give more details (and content) further because it's late and i need to sleep before going to work, until then you can try to guess the nature of some of the sprites if you want :p

See you soon,

Nifty, keep it up ;)

You got my eye, that looks sharp!

I was debating making a NTDIS style mod actually, but I haven't figured a way to differentiate all the bajillions of ships in the game ;D Looking nice so far though!

Thank you guys,

So I have some news arts to show and I have decided that the first objective of the project will be to replace all ships from the "base" AI War game, without extensions. When it's done, I'll release a pack so everyone can test and give feedback so we can share ideas to improve them. Then I'll go further with expensions but we'll have time to discuss this. I don't know still if I'll work on "Buildings" like Command center's, Power generators,... we'll discuss about this too.

I'll edit the first post to summurize ships replacement progress.
Here are the last sprites:


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