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Mod: Streamlined top right UI (Minimap/Buttons)


After the rather minuscule Effect Explosion sprite mod experiment now something else ;p

This Mod changes the User Interface , but is entirely limited to the top right corner of the GUI (the only part which i wanted to mod ,p) This mod works for Version 1.11 and 1.13 and maybe for 1.09. I only tested it with 1.11/1.12/1.13 though.
The Minimap is entirely changed, not just a different image either.
I changed all minimap blip, flare and wormhole sprites for them to gain much more contrast in terms of color (but their shapes remain the same!). You can now clearly tell apart all colors (and shapes) on the minimap. If you had contrast problems or couldn't see blinking wormholes that well, this is all now solved. Also the Flare has been made bit more noticeable, if you miss them, you are not looking.

All icons have been equalized in size and shape (you know what button does what anyhow!) The Minimap button now fits in with the rest - and the Message icon now blinks bright red , you will not miss that anymore either.

The mod also removes the border around the timer and objectives if you so choose. For decluttering purposes.


The Minimap folder only contains the files required to change the Minimap itself (and the contrast/Color Strength of the blips on it). The Button folder, contains all other buttons around the minimap including 2 files that remove the boxes around the Time and Mission Objectives.

To Install copy the png files (not the folders themselves) to AI War\Images and overwrite. The files in both folders together are the complete mod, but some might like only the high contrast minimap without my GUI changes. So if you don't like new buttons and dropped frame borders, copy only the files in the minimap folder ;)

To remove to mod you shall have to completely delete the image folder and reinstall the latest FULL version (choose repair option) and re-apply all patches

With 21 Files changed, you might be too lazy to make backups (i know i was..)

This is technically the last and final revision of my personal minimap modding project. With the changed sprites this is now also a bit color blind friendly, as long as you choose strong colors for the AI and player, you will always be able to tell them apart now (i had this problem ..)

Q: Why?
A: Because even with more contrast the colors were to weak for me to see them or tell them apart.

Q: Why Buttons?
A: Well changing one thing lead to the other

Q: Why a Q&A
A: Because Q&A's are always nice to have. As long as i can pick the Questions ;p

Aye ;p

In case you wonder why i wrote such an elaborate Install Instruction Part and didn't put any of that in the readme ... this is just me beingtrying to be funny mocking all these readme.txt files ;p

Very cool.  The flare and wormhole minimap icon changes are particularly good, I think.  I'll add those to the main game.  I also like the minimap background itself, because I think it is easier to see and fits with the game.  It's a bit less fancy than the version from 1.011 (using your other image), but I think function is important over form and this still looks really nice.

I felt like the minimap icons were too high contrast, though, and so adjusted those.  Still higher-contrast than before, which is what makes it work on a black background now, but not quite so eye-searing.

Attached is a zip file with the setup I'm planning to include in 1.013B, if you're curious. :)

Yeah thats cool ;p


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