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[LOC] Problem with difficulty tags
« on: September 05, 2015, 05:26:00 PM »

I encountered some problems with my french localization recently :

However, I don't see any problem in the main.xml file :

Code: [Select]
<ln id="AIDifficulty_7">7 Normal</ln>
<ln id="AIDifficulty_7.3">7.3 Normal</ln>
<ln id="AIDifficulty_7.6">7.6 Moderé</ln>
<ln id="AIDifficulty_8">8 Difficile</ln>
<ln id="AIDifficulty_8.3">8.3 Difficile</ln>
<ln id="AIDifficulty_8.6">8.6 Plus Difficile</ln>
<ln id="AIDifficulty_9">9 Très Difficile</ln>
<ln id="AIDifficulty_9.3">9.3 Très Difficile</ln>
<ln id="AIDifficulty_9.6">9.6 Très Difficile</ln>
<ln id="AIDifficulty_9.8">9.8 Mini Doom</ln>
<ln id="AIDifficulty_10">10 Doom</ln>

That should work fine, shouldn't it ? At least, it was working fine before :)


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