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Heavy Turret GFX suggestion

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(I hope this is where stuff like this goes. Not a mod though.)

Since I originally suggested the Heavy Turret addition, I figured I should at least try and suggest GFX for it. Here's a little something I just made.

Inspiration: Dreadnought (brown/grey colours) , since I imagined the weapon of the turret being similar to Dreadnought's.
Size: Bigger than 'normal' turrets, smaller than Ion Cannon. (as far as image files go, small turrets seem to be 32x32, ion cannon is 256x256, but takes the space of roughly 128x128, so I based the size on 64x64.

No colour masks or other mark versions yet. Can be added later if desired.

Let me know what you think. I've only sprited a few space things before, so I'm still noob-ish, I think.  :-X

Added mk2 and mk3

I think it looks good.

Better than good, it looks terrific! Nice work!

Thanks, glad to hear that.  :D

I guess I'll see if I can conjure up mk2 and mk3 versions as well. ;)

Added mk2 and mk3 versions as well. They're mainly just expanded editions. The blue horizontal tubes near the center denote the tech level of the turret, and thus increases by 1 in each. Also the parts with blue light, near the tip of the barrel increase by one. The general idea is that with each tech level, the amount of energy storage for each shot is higher, allowing more powerful projectiles, while the main design remains the same throughout. Seems common with the many of the current turret designs. ;) If it's too boring though, I suppose the barrel could be made bigger, or maybe some additional parts added here and there for decoration.


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