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Heavy Turret GFX suggestion

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The reason the beams stop is that they've run out of strength.  If they have enough total damage to destroy everything within their field of action, they will extend to full range.  If they can't destroy the stuff up front, they won't make it to the stuff behind.

This is a very different calculation than the beam frigate and beam starship, which simply hit everything on the line with the same strength.

A small complaint: The ai is using way too many heavy turrets. I just had a game where all adjacent planets to my home planet had from three to seven (7) heavy turrets. One of the planets had a single cluster of five mkII heavy turrets, along with the normal complement of other turrets. It was a great challenge to take this heavy turret ball down, but I am not sure if I think it was particularly funny. It took me several hours, as I had to attack, then leave and replenish, then attack again etc.

On another planet it seemed that the ai rebuilt the heavies in one concentrated ball, as I was eliminating them. I am not too sure about this, but I believe the planet started out with five heavies in five different turret balls, one in each, but when I had taken out these singular turrets one by one, I finally had to wipe out all five heavies in the same ball. I am pretty sure those five was not concentrated there when I went in first time, I would have noticed that. The battle cost my fleet. Not funny.

Please make a cap for the ai's use of turrets. Two heavies is a nice challenge, five heavies is ridicoulous.


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