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GFX: Nicer small explosion / blue sparks for 2.0

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Yes, its that time of the year again!  ;D :D ;D

With the addition of sparks and animated small explosions here is my little overhaul of that section of the game. As with all my effect mods these blend nicely with the BG - especially with darker nebula bg try it out ^^

Explosion/Ember/1.png to 4.png with own effect replaced, sparks are now blue, pulsate, glow nicely
Explosion/Small/1.png to 11.png with own effect replaced, these are tiny reddish explosions that glow out and nearly perfectly blend out - these are the things you see when ships are hit or when forcefields are hit

This is mainly close-up graphical fluff - it does increase resolutions of ember sprite by 2 (so the sprites are slightly off-axis, this is intentional!)

Install - the folders in MOD folder to into AI War\Images\Explosion

As always with these mods, they have no game play performance or bug implications whatsoever ;) They are just to beef these 2 effects up a bit ;)

Nice stuff!  We will have to integrate these into the next release we do (not 2.0, too late for that).  You're certainly the man with the special effects!

Yeah but not that i put infinite time into them, its a 10 second kind of deal (renaming them takes longer than making rendering them!), i just noticed the small sprite had 4 duplicates at the end which made its transition to "nothing" very abrupt so this increases that effect and blend-out. I didn't actually know which effect that was before...  ::)

actually i wrote the ember sprite was intentional.. but actually couldn't figure out how to render at 16x16 and have it still look good...  :D

But yeah, i think AI war can still look a LOT better without more cpu usage or art assets...

Very cool. :)

Well for me yes, but you have to code/tune it all :D ;D :D :D :D :D


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