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Well i made a new animated 22 frame effect for when you "hit shields" (like when you bombard forcefields) Theres 2 versions even. v1 very bright and "consolidated" and v2  (sort of faint wavy tentacles extending from the hit, and less bright than v1)

This replaces the "swirly" green round stuff which i think looks kinda weird from distant zoom - with this, when you bombard a forcefield it will either light up massively (v1) or considerably (v2) and look way more interesting.

Old effect ----------------------------------------


V1 ----------------------------------------


v2 ----------------------------------------


The Attachment has both V1 and V2, but personally i would advise to use V2 (looks pretty cool, not TOO bright, and very detailed effect too)


Extract the zip file - inside you find V1 and V2 folders

Copy the PNG files of the version you want (either from V1 OR from V2 folder) to

MAKE A BACKUP of the files inside, so that you can revert back to the look if you really hate it after all.

Works same with steam of course.

Note that brightness depends on how many ships fire ;P

Wow thanks!

That green swirly thingies looked for me out of place especially after shields got removed - yours look more like: "Oh it exploded there on that force field.".

Red Spot:
Perhaps a v3 .. being a slightly 'nerfed' v2 ...  ::)

The effects look very nice, they are however, for my taste, a bit too much 'in your face'.

Very well, he who asks shall receive (actually, thank you for asking, it made me test some other approach that works WAY better)

Note that as usual my screenshot skills suck - this is WAY less hot-spot bright but still has some nice connecting glow if enough ships hit the same place. (See attachment for V3.rar)


Mhh, i could nerf it a bit more still... maybe make the effect itself smaller and just add a subtle larger glow

Actually, would you want it more like this? That would require 512x512 large sprites

v4 preview

Note that V4 is now V6 and in a different topic. Since it increases the sprite size (wasn't my intention and can cause performance issues)

Red Spot:
Seeing that I sometimes need to turn performance a wee bit down I likelly will go for v3.
Now I can bomb my own FFs for a reason ....  ::)
Thanks :)


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