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[GFX] [MOD] Shield Hit Effect revision MK2 with overglow 512x512

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Ok, this has its own topic because its a different idea and effect level.

This does make the animated effect itself larger (512x512 instead of 256x256) adds an extremely nice looking nearly dynamic overglow. Which i can sadly not show on screenshots that well (its an volley effect that swells up and swells down) its VERY subtle and VERY not in your face on single or 1-40 hits

The "hit" hotspot is about the same size (differently animated) than the green swirls from before but now added (in the extra pixels ,p) is an overglow that is subtle but gets stronger the more ships shoot the same place, this adds an entire new graphical level to the effect. It also thus makes the "hit" effect much less all overglowing

Please test it and don't judge just by the screenshot ;P

This is internally V6 so don't wonder where the file name comes from ;)

Same place as the other
Copy the PNG files to

Note that due to the increased sprite size the effect does actually get smaller compared to my previous V1 to V3 in my other topic.

Shiny! Must install...

I plan to do the overglow effect for all the effects (particularly explosions) subtle but there - it really adds a LOT to the visual look of the game...

Anyhow, i hope i get some vigilant testers for this one that tell me what sucks and if its too strong or too weak or what ;) Anyhow, i plan to do more effects at some point...

Red Spot:
mmmh, perhaps I shall just give this a try ...  ::)

Wow, nice!  I'm including these in the next version, I think these are definitely better. :)


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