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Gfx Mod: Mines and Top right GUI


Well here is a little something again.. purely visual yadda yadda ;)

The mod has a Ships Folder (which has Mine and Mine Remains) which replaces mines including a proper debris graphic for them.

The mod replaces the radar and removes the wires (since those look kinda weird given that the timebox is now gone ,p) Now it looks even more streamlined - see attachment screenshot

To install - > Overwrite files in your Ai War/Images Folder
And copy the Ships folder if you want the mines, if not, leave that out ;p

Alternatively, simply extract the rar into your AI war/Images Folder ;p

The black round button above flare only displays text when you click it and change minimap modes

Just was bored and made this for fun ;) This has no gameplay implications and you can still the mines apart, just now they don't look larger than your spaceships ;p


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