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GFX Mod: Alternate Shipyard Sprite

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ONLY for 2.200 and above

Copy the 2 attached files into AI War\Images\Ships\SpaceDock

for 2.200 and above (sorry, but before the sprite was smaller so this one ONLY works for 2.200 and above)

The AdvFactory you can get here ->,3009.0.html
heres matching shield generators ->,2690.0.html

Modifications are fully allowed ;p

- Click on the image FILENAME in the attachments below , do not click on the image itself, only on its filenames, then you can easily save it in the related directories (is much faster than unpacking and stuff ,p)

Sweet.  Now all you have to do is replace all of the other constructor objects so not have that one look out of place as well.   :P

I was hoping you could just cut it apart and do that part ! its kinda hard to maintain the same look and style over different object types (ie ships and stations) ;D

It does look less out of place than the previous one! (hell, thats a way to say it that doesn't make me happy) Sadly i am not a pixel art guy.. i just change things to render art with top down view which fits better ^^

Edit: with that i mean that the model i used for this was a ship ;)

I decided to at least do a fitting adv factory ;p So you get an idea, rendertime on these large complex objects is 3 minutes or more (which is long) ;p But the time to make that ship (same ones as in my latest submission on DA) was more like 3 days ^^

I prefer my ships to be a little more coloured, so I edited the colourmask to add some more areas. I'll attach it here so anyone else can benefit from my half hour's pixel-picking if they also like a few more highlights.

Also, I'm using them the other way around - this looks more like an advanced factory to me, with its sleek lines and concentric bits and pieces. The other one reminds me more of an assembly line, so I'm using that for the basic space dock.

Well to be completely honest, eRe, it was never the quality of the new GFX that was my beef.  The new sprites are nice -- I do like the new Adv. Stardock for example -- but they just look so out of place along side all the other GFX.  Maybe it would have been a wiser move to not include the new GFX in-game until all of the structures had been re-done; perhaps instead post up a gallery of the replacements as and when they are completed for all the lovely people to get upset about.  Perhaps a list of what is marked for replacement could be posted up somewhere so that people like you and me don't waste our time on a moment of inspiration (3 days spent on your Spacedock is a heck of a long time for something that won't get used - I spend about 3 hours on an image, tops).  Anyway, I'm not going to go on and on about this; old news.

I'd happily carve up your work, if you didn't mind me doing it.  I'm a fan of lego so mashing stuff up comes easily.  And as you say, there is no easier way to stay true to an established style than to raid existing objects for some recognisable elements - look at the Riot class Light Fleet Starship edits for example.


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