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GFX Mod: Alternate Fortress and Forcefield Generators

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Colony Ship and Transport replacement do not work anymore since sprite sizes changed

Oh yes... install, extract transport ship rar in your AI War/Images directory, back up first

Colony Ship replacement here ->,2653.0.html
Transport replacement here ->,2662.0.html

The rar includes the fortress and shield gens in their respective folders, all animated and all color masked

The fortress now has... glow
The forcefield now have... glow (except the smallest 1 (MK1) since its just 32x32 ~.~

Only thing is that the color mask might cause some weirdness on the fortress..since the brightness isn't totally uniform ;p

Edit: Oh yes, thats about all the gfx mods i am doing for now ;)

Merry xmas everyone ;p

By the way, for those who want a more "fitting" color mask for the fortress with generally darker tone can dl alternate below (just replace the color mask.png in the flying fortress folder

For the fortress, can we get some asymmetric "bars" radiating out from the center, just like the image you said the fortress would be modeled after? The one you came up with is gorgeous, but it's too symmetric! :D

hehe.. well i will see about that... but sadly that "fancy" image doesn't really scale well to 512x512 (i never build a fortress so i didn't even know that they were this large, heh)

For the moment nobody will ever build a fortress anyway (since they are completely useless) consider them a large, useless glowing beacon of hope for now ;)

That said, i am maybe doing a revision of the fortress but given its size it won't be anytime soon

Ma boredom is limited

Okay, well how about this: The blue domes on the ends of the spokes are a bad color. It ruins the cool metal and light blue look that the rest of it has. ;)

Well then you have to pick another player color! ;)

If you REALLY dislike player colors altogether you can just replace any colormask.png (in the folders in images/ships) with this one

Its empty so all ships display their "true" color for the fortress that would be a very dark grey


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