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GFX Mod: Alternate Advanced Factory Sprite

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ONLY for 2.200 and above

these 2 files go to AI War\Images\Ships\AdvancedFactory

The spacedock you can get here ->,2996.0.html
heres matching shield generators ->,2690.0.html

Well its at least the same kinda style... more or less

How to get the files?

- Click on the image FILENAME in the attachments below , do not click on the image itself, only on its filenames, then you can easily save it in the related directories (is much faster than unpacking and stuff ,p)

I prefer my ships to be a little more coloured, so I edited the colourmask to add some more areas. I'll attach it here so anyone else can benefit from my half hour's pixel-picking if they also like a few more highlights.

Also, I'm using them the other way around - this looks more like a mainline spacedock to me, with its assembly-line repetition and large, high throughput sort of appearance. The other one reminds me more of a prototype factory so I'm using it as the advanced model.

Mhh, i am using them the other way around now as well, and your colormask is much better ;)

This looks rather good actually.

Not that the one in game by defualt is bad, but I might give this a test as well. It has more of a dark feel to it, and fit the 2d scheme well ;)



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