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Does AI War support gameplay mods, or player-made maps?


Regarding Modifications Of Game Functionality (Ships Stats, Code Changes, Etc):
Not at this time.  We intend to continue to grow the AI War featureset in-house, both through free patches and larger paid expansions.  The existing game content should last you quite a while, though -- just to play against every ship and AI Type of the base game, let alone any expansions, would take over 120 hours to do (presuming you played through full games this way). And with over 16 billion procedurally-generated maps just in the base game, there's no real lack of those, either.  We realize that modding and mapmaking are staples of many RTS games, but typically those games are not in active development and with mods you wind up with a fragmented hardcore playerbase (incompatible mods, etc), and with non-hardcore players not tending to get the benefit of any of those mods because they don't even know to look for them.

But Suggestions Are Welcome:
All that said, if you're a player with ideas for new ship types, or new structures, or other new gameplay additions, we're always open to that feedback!  We're genre vets ourselves, and we basically made AI War to be the RTS game we always wanted (we're suckers for co-op, good AI, and variety, what can we say).  We still have ideas for dozens of more ship types and a other stuff that didn't make it into the base game or the expansions or DLC so far, but if you have ideas that you'd like to add to that mix, we're always happy to please the fans.  Best of all, if we use your idea in a free patch or future expansion, we'll put your forum handle (or real name, if you prefer) in the release notes.  If we use three of your non-bugfix suggestions, we'll put your handle/name in the in-game credits!  We feel like this method, in general, works the best for everyone because it prevents the playerbase from fragmenting, keeps quality at a uniform level, and gives even novice players the benefits of all the changes based on simply using the in-game updater.


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