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Title: Contributing Art/Sound Mods
Post by: x4000 on February 19, 2010, 09:47:05 PM
Given that AI War doesn't support gameplay/map mods, what is this forum about, then?  Not suggestions -- please post those in the appropriate subcategory of the Development Discussion forum area.  This section is about graphics and sound mods, custom planet name lists, and things of that sort.

How To Mod The Graphics And Sound Of AI War
Everything is uncompressed, in sensibly-named folders under the AI War installation folder.  You can't miss them.  If you update a png or an ogg file, it will show as updated the next time you load the game.  Easy!

Please Post Nothing That Is Not Your Original Work
Simple enough.  If you didn't make it, please don't post it here.  Copyright-infringements will be deleted; we're a tiny company and don't need legal entanglements.

Please Let Us Know If It's Not Okay To Use It
Some of the mods that are posted just fit so well with our vision of the game that we actually make them a part of the real game, either replacing the existing assets or as a new ship/effect/whatever in addition to the existing assets.  If you don't want us to use your mod in the official game, please let us know, but we're assuming that most people post with the intention of wanting people to use what they did (and we always give credit if we do use your work in the official builds of the game).  That said, we can't use everything, and it's not simply a matter of quality -- sometimes very high-quality work simply doesn't match our vision of where the game is headed, and so it remains a mod and not part of the official game.

Thanks for contributing!