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Hey  ;)
I'll start a small "space environment gfx overhaul" project, and here's the first part changing the starfields!
I pretty much started this because while i loved the gameplay, i felt that AI War is lacking in the space-feeling, especially in the galaxy map (which will be my next mod in this project).
And of course it's okay to be used in whatever manner you users, or devs, want  :)
Feel free to edit the textures yourself to find something that suits you!

Included a backup of the original textures as well as two versions of this mod.
The first "Bright" version can be a bit messy on the eyes :P
The second "Recommended" version is slightly darkened (by altering the gamma curves) for some more contrast.

1. Copy the contents within the mod folder of choice to "C:\Wherever\AI War Fleet Command" (overwrite existing files)
2. Select the Colored starfield option ingame if it isnt already and enjoy!

1. Copy the contents within the backup folder to "C:\Wherever\AI War Fleet Command" (overwrite existing files)

Download mirror! (if the attachment doesnt work here)
Update: Added two passes of 0,2 pixel gaussian blur, for a hardly noticeable but eyefriendly softening of the smallest stars in both versions :)

Without further ado, screenshots!!  :D
As a sidenote, it appears much less "messy" ingame due to camera panning which eases your brain thanks to depth perception, something thats hard to convey in screenshots.

Bright version

Recommended version

X, Please add this to the official release, it just resonates with the nebula field in a way that just looks so much better. If Baelur improves the nebulae at all, i will simply cry from the beauty ;)

I did a 5min attempt at the nebulas, mostly distorting the existing ones to make some more wispy shapes, looked quite good but i'll make more tests later.
First up next time is the galaxy map visuals, got some great plans for it ;) (star clusters, nebulae streaks, other goodies)

They're very pretty! My only gripe is that they are slightly "messy" as in "too many stars". It might cause some visual confusion in the heat of battle. Otherwise they're gorgeous!

Those do look really nice :)


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