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Baleur Art Mods: Starfields!

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Looks good!

Mini-update! An almost only sub-concious softening of the very smallest stars, hardly noticeable but easier on the eyes :)
Download link updated.

Wow, looks great!  MOAR!

The last two look quite nice, but I'd still prefer less bright stars, and some more variance to the density. Aside from a few clusters around some of the bright big stars, the stars seems rather evenly spread. As opposed to busy clusters, there should also be some gaps of near-starless fields as well, I think.

Overall might be a bit too busy for my gameplay tastes (trying to focus on tiny icons becomes all the more harder when there are gazilling tiny stars around them that jump at you constantly. ;p ), but as an eyecandy it does look good. :)

I should probably try my hands at some custom starfields as well. Could be fun. :D

Yeah i want that too, but the problem is that the game uses a series of randomly chosen "boxes" to make up the starfield, so there's not really anyway to have a nice cohesive background with spaces and big clusters without them repeating next to each other and stuff :/


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