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Hey  ;)
I started a small "space environment gfx overhaul" project, and here's the second part changing the galaxy map!
I pretty much started this because while i loved the gameplay, i felt that AI War is lacking in the space-feeling, especially in the galaxy map.
And of course it's okay to be used in whatever manner you users, or devs, want  :)
Feel free to edit the textures yourself to find something that suits you!

Included a backup of the original textures as well.
This is my galaxy map overhaul using nothing but real-life pictures, might get updated in the not so distant future but I'm pretty happy with it so far.
There will most likely be updates, as right now the nebulas in the map are slightly offset (the game centers them on their corner, because it was only intended for 128x128 textures)
There may also be some warp-line overlap, but as the lines and stars are drawn over everything else, its not really a problem. In fact its quite nice to imagine that a particular star system is "inside" that nebula :D

1. Copy the contents within the mod folder to "C:\Wherever\AI War Fleet Command" (overwrite existing files)
1. Enjoy!

1. Copy the contents within the backup folder to "C:\Wherever\AI War Fleet Command" (overwrite existing files)

Download mirror! (if the attachment doesnt work here)

Also made the grid/edge slightly more blue for that space-ocean feeling. Screenshots!!  :D

Galaxy Map (yes, even the black hole gfx is a real-life picture!  :o)

Wow, that definately does look nice.  I'll have to give it a whirl!  It certainly looks busier than usual, almost distractingly so, I'm kind of concerned that the regular art for planets won't stand out well against the background.  Well, maybe I'll just have to play with those images. :)

A bit unrelated, the star names you have, those are actual star names right?  I was actually thinking of doing something like that at some point.  Is that planet name list available on the forums at all?

These look great too, can't wait to give them a shot.

really nice!

it might work well to fade/blur it out a bit so it isnt so distracting, but it gives a much stronger feeling of space than the default backgrounds  :)

Hello, I'd like to use this galaxy map, but I can't find the usual download link at the end of the post, and the download mirror isn't working anymore:( Can anyone reupload it?


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