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Xfire group up and running.

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Should make it easier to communicate and get games setup as you don't have to add every new player that comes along to your list. It's currently open to the public, so just search for it under communities and join up.

(Will still be a couple days before I do anything with it, though, as I'm still waiting for Paypal's damn "echeck" to clear ;p)

Very cool!  Thanks for setting that up. I've stickied this topic.

Group is here

ash - you'll need to keep an eye on the pending applications as you get no email notification, I  manage an xfire group and that is the downside. You have 2 waiting to join :)

In the admin panel there is a way to have a group automatically accept any and all requests to join. There are a number of other important buttons on that same panel that may come in use.

Nevermind, looks like he already found the button :)

Yea, I initially intended to set it so that anyone could join from the start, but as I set this up at 5am I forgot to change it from the default setting ;p


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