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Due to the extended length of each AI War campaign (10-12 hours at best), and the need for high levels of cooperation, matching strangers with one another seems like a recipe for a lot of incomplete games.  AI War is meant to be enjoyed with friends; if you're wanting to get together a larger game, post in this forum.

All the participants will need to have compatible schedules in order to complete a campaign together, so make sure you post when you are available and when you expect your group to meet, if it meets on a scheduled basis.  

This isn't like a quick pickup game that would just last 15-60 minutes, so you need to make sure that players aren't going to drop out of the campaign in the middle.  If a player drops out of a campaign, you won't be able to continue -- however, you can have as many saved campaigns in progress as you want, so if some members of your group have lesser availability, you can complete a campaign with them at a slower pace, while at the same time working at a faster pace on a campaign with your group's regulars.

The AI War IRC channel on RTSnet (#aiwar on, for those with standalone clients) is also a great place to find people to play with, get help, or just discuss the game. If you're looking for other players, check it out! RTSnet has gone down, and the AI War IRC server with it. It has been replaced with #arcen on


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