Author Topic: Looking to get a group together to try for the Swiss Army Knife achievement.  (Read 990 times)

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Hiya all,

Aside from just itching to get games going with more than my roommate and myself, I'd very much like to get some games going at least on a weekly basis.  I am also definitely wanting to get a group together to try for the Swiss Army Knife achievement on the game/steam. 

I think that even though the nebula scenarios' difficulty gets scaled up with more players, that we still would have an easier time doing well in each scenario if we had more people.

I'm in Orlando, so EST, but I work somewhat late into the evenings.  Usually I can play regularly (at least 3 hours) from midnight on but I work for a restaurant so my schedule can vary a bit.  My roommate probably can only join in if we play on Friday or Saturday night given his more regular 8-5 job.  Both of us have microphone headsets to chat over steam etc.

Looking forward to some epic comp stomping!  :D
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May the Force be with you.

And the Triforce too.  :D