Author Topic: Looking for First Multiplayer game for Europe (Belgium GMT +1)  (Read 1637 times)

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I would consider myself a newbie as I have only finished single player games and beat the computer at lvl 7.6 with expansions and options stacked against the AI. (Things like 1/2 waves and Easy Gollems)

My computer is not really fast and has varying IP address so I think it would be better to have Someone with a more potent computer host/start the game.

I have all expansions an follow the beta updates as they come out.

I am available most days from 8pm till midnight.... A bit earlier or later can be arranged and most weekends I can play most of the day.

I can Use Skype or TeamSpeak or whatever you like for communication and am able to setup and use the server for that.

I would like to find 1 or more people to play a multiplayer game.

Leave post here or contact [email protected] Or via Steam Username Napivo.



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