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COMODO network equal to hamachi unlimited people on 1 network

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first of all the honor goes to seacow who found it and told us on irc i'm not taking honor from him i have just tested it a little further how it work with games.

i have set up a ai war network there for peoplewoh want to use comodo and i recommend it for everyone.

first of all with comodo like hamachi people connect to a virtual network here are some benefits.

1. A more stable connection the hamachi and everyone can use it without issues.
2. Less resource  demanding (can be used on a pc with less power).
3. Unlimited people on 1 network no more multi network everyone can play with everyone.
4. ingame LAN list works with it you can find open game ingame using the browser.
5. it's free.

Here are the channel info.

Channel name: Aiwarfleetcommand
Password: aiwar

you can download comodo from this link

Remember if you want you can turn of remote desktop in the option screen and i recommend that you can use comodo to remote controll computers to help other if you want

and again the honor goes to seacow it's not mine

edit: typo

Wow, this works a LOT better than Leaf networks, too.  Seems like this would be a winner for people wanting meet up and play AI War, especially if this can avoid some of the networking issues that very rarely struck AI War players using Hamachi.

Leaf that's something i haven't tried yet another vpn?

Yep, another VPN -- not worth it at all in my opinion, it often drops the connection and was a huge problem in general.

aha well i don't need another vpn:)


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