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Anybody still out there?

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Hello all,

I picked up this game a few years ago now; played it all of once just to see what the game is like, but I don't really have anybody to play the game with :P so I was just curious if anybody is still out here that would want to play with a complete newbie? (Multiple people are welcome too if possible.) I have all of the DLC as well so no worries about content.

I've played my fair share of strategy games, like wc3, C&C, sup com, etc. But this game seems really overwhelming for just one person to play! but also quite fun because of that ^^ and having a few people to play with I feel would have potential to be quite fun :).

Hey. I picked it up about a year ago. I played perhaps 10 hours or so but I wouldn't consider myself adept or anything. Haven't played in awhile and haven't played coop yet. I'll be willing to play but I hope we could get at least one veteran player with us to help us out. As for my schedule, (for this game takes a lot of time) I am open for Fridays and weekends. Maybe we can get a Discord group going or use Steam or something.

But ya... this game is amazing. The music constantly gives one hope that victory is possible while keeping an edge that haunts the hell out of me.

Cheers and hope to some fun times!  :D

I would also be glad to play with anybody who is interested. Not the best of players but I'm starting to really get into it again. Never really noticed how many subtle thing there are in this game and how important it is to play visely and not just run like an elephant in a porcelain store. But I'm getting better now while I'm still quite awed.

Eitherway available on Saturday and Sundays if you are interested.

Hey! Nice to see that people are still around ^^ and yeah I played apparently 21 hours, but I remember little about the game so it doesn't count towards much, especially since it was about 2 years ago :P But yeah, fridays and weekends sounds good to me, Saturday would probably work, I'll send you guys a PM with my steam ID so we could talk a bit more about figuring out Discord/Steam if you're interested!

And yeah, all in all the game seems really well done, the music is indeed very fitting, and I've loved the concept of huge strategy games ^^ even funner when you have to actually use strategy to work against odds, the lore behind it is an interesting concept as well, the only downside is the simple graphics but if you ask me? it's about the gameplay more than graphics x]

I would be happy to play, but I have some criteria. You must have beaten the AI, minimum level 7/7.


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