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I set up a public AI War Hamachi network for people looking to meet others and play Co-Op.

The Hamachi channel name is "AI War: Fleet Command", there should be no password.

You can download Hamachi here:

The program basically sets up a fake LAN network through the Internet. Meaning you can host and connect to others even if you're behind a firewall or router protection. You should theoretically be able to see games others are hosting in your LAN list as well, though I'm not 100% sure about that one. The program also has a chat feature to more easily set up games with other players.

Edit by Fiskbit: Courtesy of Gibon, there's now a second Hamachi network, for those interested: "AI War: Fleet Command 2"

Hey, thanks for setting this up -- Hamachi is great, I've used it plenty of times in the past with AI War and otherwise.  I've stickied this topic. :)

It will also work as a bit of a gathering point as well while we wait and hope for any Xfire of Gamespy support.

Hey All,

I've joined the hamachi group - "sukoto" is my alias there.

I'm still playing through the tutorials and the like - I find these games exciting but very intimidating!

We learn by doing.

Perhaps these forums can do with a "newcomers introduction" thread?

// S

Hi Starmonkey,

The Official AI War: Fleet Command Wiki should hopefully be able to answer some of your questions. It has certainly been useful for me.

If the wiki does leave any of your questions unaddressed please post them on the forum - everyone here is very amenable to helping, particularly the developer, x4000, who maintains the wiki.

Good luck in your campaigns against the AI!


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