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Technologist AI thoughts
« on: April 26, 2010, 03:33:28 PM »
So I just beat the Technologist Raider AI, and was surprised to note that on difficulty 7 technologist AIs are easier than any AI difficulty 9 and up, I had always thought it would be the opposite. Was a fun game though, tier 3 waves in the first 30 minutes made it interesting and had to do some kiting with my frigates, and I did get 7 of my planets wiped by Core Vampires before they ran into my superfortress/radar jammerII/20 heavy beam cannons world and get completely stomped. I think playing a technologist AI on any difficulty after 8 would be really hard (no cheesy setting, normal maps), and was wondering if anyone had done it and how?


As an afterthought, the Dyson Sphere with the new border control thing is quite annoying, after a point I just had streams of tier 4 ships hitting me, and it was in too bad a spot to make it worthwhile.
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