Author Topic: Take a break with a 7/7 romp.  (Read 1043 times)

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Take a break with a 7/7 romp.
« on: February 15, 2012, 09:40:49 PM »

After my previous 10/10 attempts and working on the wiki, I need a break.

Time for a good old 7/7 game.

As this is me however, everything is on, everything.

Well, except the Light of the Spire campaign, I'm going to get that AI one way or another.

In detail:
Diff 7 Random All, Non-Tech for both
80 Planet map, Realistic, Zenith AutoBombs as Bonus ship, all 3 expansions on
Normal/Normal ship caps/combat style, Full fog of war

Minor Factions:
Human Colony Rebellions, Human Maurauders, Resistance Fighters all ON
Broken Golems HARD
Devourer, Dyson Sphere ON
Zenith Miners, Zenith Traders ON
Preservation Wardens, Roaming Enclaves, Rocketry Corps all ON
Spire Civilian Leaders ON
Spirecraft ON
Fallen Spire OFF

All AI modifers OFF except reveal random AI types ON.

ALL AI Plots enabled for both AI's, so Avenger, Astrotrains,  Advanced Hybrids, and Beachheads


Alright, Fortress Baron and Spireling. I'm not too worried about the Fortress Baron but the Spireling might make things interesting.

So, here we go, gametime 00:00:00

I'm going to take P1 first and fortify it, then work my way over to P9 and fortify that. That will get me a 2 entrance corner of the universe locked down and all mine.
We'll see how this holds up once I start scouting.

Gametime 00:10:00: Nothing really bad on the scouting, there is a Zenith power generator on the P9 world but their is a co-processor there also. I've just started building my command station on the P1.
Only one fortress in my corner so that will go pretty easily.

Gametime 00:51:00 Unlocked Mk II Fighters/Bombers, still securing my corner. Working on reducing my 3rd conquest, a Mk III system. It had a Fortress and an Ion cannon so it was a bit tougher.
It also had a Mk III warp gate guardian. 40mil HP on that ship? ouch.

Gametine: 00:57:00 I need to take that back, roaming enclaves and mauraders just attacked the same system at the same time. I think I've saved it by calling my entire fleet back and dumping it into the system but it was a close thing.


So much for taking a break. Been playing with the minor factions off for so long I forgot how annoying they can be.

I'm at 02:04:00, lost everything except my home system, no defences left, fleet under strength, and the first Golem and Spirecraft Exo waves are at 97%.

Going to play it out to see the waves but I'm pretty sure I'm done.

With the minor factions on I never had a chance to catch my breath and over extended.

Well, live and learn. Going to be reloading the save at game start and trying this again though. I want to get a win under my belt here.

Also, do bridgeheads still spawn? I did not see a single one.

Edit: Hun. Gametime 02:15:00. I survived the exo waves, those were a lot less painful then the forums made them out to be. They were only the first ones though. Going to keep going, even with a high AIP, lost a bunch of cryo pods and home settlements.

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Re: Take a break with a 7/7 romp.
« Reply #1 on: February 16, 2012, 08:42:51 AM »
I actually prefer minor-faction/ai-plot based challenge to overwhelming-central-AI (i.e. 10/10) challenge myself :)  More chaos and unexpected interactions of mechanics, etc.

Very interesting thus far, glad to see the marauders and roaming enclaves scoring a point, even if the exo fumbled.  Looking forward to more :)
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Re: Take a break with a 7/7 romp.
« Reply #2 on: February 16, 2012, 09:44:28 AM »
Well, let's just say I botched it pretty badly to let them in in the first place to do that.

However I did not change the fact that the first thing I build is a second force field on top of my home command, that's the only reason I survived.

Having said that, I went 7/7 and not 8/8 because I am trying out a couple strategies I never have before, this is not the reason I intended but I won't argue with it letting me recover.

Anyways, in the game I managed to clear my corner of the galaxy, I have minor defences up on P1 and my fleet defending P9 at the moment.

Then I had to break for the night. We'll see how this goes, I'm up at 220 AIP already, quite a bit higher then I wanted to be. I only have a single cryopod and a single home settlement remaining.


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Re: Take a break with a 7/7 romp.
« Reply #3 on: February 16, 2012, 05:54:24 PM »
turning everything on seems like a fun idea to me. Though I don't think I will survive that, even on 7/7. You're lucky that the AI type randomizer didn't give you an extreme tough combo. Raid Engine would have been your doom :D


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