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Re: Newbie and the Beast
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Endgame Plan:

First and foremost, the Core Shield Generators have to be taken out.

Alpha Tauri seems like the best bet, as I'll get a ARS out of it.

But Shield Gen D-Secondary is...well...I'll have to take it as part of my final assault.

The Rigor System has a Zenith Starship Fabricator, a Spaaace Tank Fabricator, and a Dire Guardian Lair.

The Vega System contains a Sniper Turret Controller, a Bomber Starship Fabricator, and connects to Rigor and nothing else.

If I take those two systems, I'll have a nice foward base for launching attacks from ontop of having much-needed firepower.

Oh.  Err, right.  Is it possible to sabotauge-hack the Eye before I actually attack the homeworlds for real?

My autocannons will come through a different wormhole to draw off the defenders.  While the mobile guard posts are distracted my hacker will come through a different wormhole, along with some general fodder.

Oh, and I'll likely be needing these...

As for the final battle itself, I erm umm have no clue really

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Re: Newbie and the Beast
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Nonononono.  Just no.  Nope.avi

I know these things want to murder me at the first oppertunity.  They are probably waiting for an attack wave big enough to overwhelm my defenses before pouring in.

Also they have something I've never seen before...

Interesting.  I'm not sure if 35 ships counts as a horde, but then again I am playing with very low unit caps...

Well I've been wanting to blow something up anyway.  It'd give me something to do while I make preperations to attack Algor and Alpha Tauri.  I even have a pair of leftover normal transports to move them around!

Wait it umm what well I suppose it is indeed a carrier at least it's too few ships to actually threaten me.

Yes more scrap please my turrets are placed far enough  from the wormhole that you will never actually reach them as they tear you to shreads.

Umm...turrets?  What's with the sudden lack of lasers?

What nonononono it doesn't work that way you robots are supposed to charge in blindly, not retreat!

Must find a permanent solution to this problem...

This will do.

Ladies and germs, may I present to you the Altar System.

And the Alpha Tauri system.

One of these has an A-Prime shield gen and an ARS.  The other has a Threatening Eye and connects to the AI homeworld.  Only one of these is productive to attack and a preplanned target.

I wanted to soften up Alpha Tauri before my ARS hack, and ended up accidently targeting the Altair system instead.

Altair is one big NOPE, as one would expect from a homeworld-border that has been on alert for some time.  The big centerpiece here is this thing

but really, everything about it is nope

My feeble human mind still has trouble processing just how much stronger MKIV stuff is compared to MKI stuff.  My plan was to send a raiding party to pop the Ion Cannon, then send in my MKV Armor Ships as a distraction to lure away from my starship ball.

It went about as well as expected.  Ironicly the only thing that kept me from losing my entire fleet was the Threatening Eye.

This is what made me realise I am attacking the wrong target.  This is new, and I'm not quite sure how I plan on dealing with it...

On a more positive note, a thing happened right before I sent in my starships.  Classic AI war.  Why, these things move so fast that they can dodge lasers from two dozen snipers!  As well as a large wolfpack of starships, and a full cap of laser and MLRS turrets, and a second beachhead, as well as the Geminorum defence grid which also has sniper, MLRS, and Missile turrets in addition to Flak turrets, grav Turrets, and Tachlyon emitters...