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Mines rule!
« on: January 04, 2011, 01:43:16 PM »
Yesterday I had a day off and dedicated it mostly to AI-War .. had a blast :)

I had found a fabricator which was behind a hub-planet wich had a total of 6 planets surrounding it, the planet I would launch my campaign from, and 5 lvl3 planets (1 with the Fab.).
So I cleared out the hub-planet, and took all gates on the surrounding lvl3 planets. Where the one I intended to take cause of its Fab. also had a lvl3 counterattack-post, which would be taken out with the gate in 1 sweep.

All went well, my fleet took a bit of a beating but I didn't lose 1/3, I guess.
Right after I had succeeded in my plans, except for actually taking the planets, the AI launched attacks from all lvl3 planets I just hit.
Still rebuilding my fleet I managed to stand my ground with fairly few losses, but the clock on the counter-attack still kept ticking and would happen at the extreme other end of my part of space.

Just when I decided I would start making preperations for the counterattack I was surprised by the warning for the next wave, which at this stage in my game are big enough to have a sizeable fleet ready to fight it of.
So I kept my entire fleet there to fight of the wave with minimal losses. Rushed my fleet over to the other end of known space to realise I had never saved in between ...... corrected that mistake about 1½minute before the counterattack would hit.

I tried to fight it of 2 times to only realise I would never be able to fight them off without losing my entire fleet and most likelly soon after my homeplanet. Time didn't really allow for much construction of turrets, also resources where still fairly lacking and building a field of turrets costs quite a bit.

Seeing the build time of mines I unlocked EMP-mines and build ½ the cap of both regular as well as EMP-mines in a path roughly where the AI would start towards the 2 gates I most desperatly wanted to keep them away from.
didn't even lose ½ my fleet that run ..... conclusion, mines rule :)

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Re: Mines rule!
« Reply #1 on: January 05, 2011, 05:19:05 PM »
Hmm, I may have to unlock EMP mines - I haven't needed to so far in any of my games, but they sound neat and very useful.


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