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Faction Heck - My First Solo game post 5.0
« on: February 20, 2011, 03:54:29 AM »
Soooo yeah, I just finished up a brutal 18+ hour campaign to do the LOTS Quest and it ended in failure.  It was on a normal-realistic-80-planet-map.  7.0 AIs random.  Epic-Speed.  I mostly just gave out because I was getting hit by the uber maws and was under attack so I went and nuked the entire galaxy, just to see what it was like  ;D

I had setup the game as a ton of faction setup and it was very interesting.  The only factions I left out were the Neinzul enemy factions and the mining golem.  (Hate that mining golem).  It was a brutal game.  The marauders were difficult enough to deal with without the exo-galaxy attacks coming in.  I unfortunately had spread myself out too thin.  I had attacks coming in from 5-6 systems and it simply overwhelmed me.  And then having human colonies spawn out of no where did nothing to help x_x.  

My first starter bonus ship was Zenith Blades.  I later got Neinzul Weasels and Spire teleporting leeches.  (Spire leeches need to be less costly imo, I quit building them due to the drain on my economy VS usefulness).  I also unlocked Zenith Starships.  

I really think there is a few too many ships coming in when your doing the shards.  I had built up thousands of blade spawners in order to keep them at bay, but I have a feeling that I messed up a lot along the way and it was a brutal campaign.  Especially the 4-jump-from-my system shard.  There needs to be something done about this part to make it feel less like a slog through 21 massive fleets coming through to kill you.  I realize the AI needs to do this to counter the spire, but there has got to be a better way of handling this.  

But I had a lot of fun till the ending part where it felt like a slogging through the AI bit.  With hundreds of maws coming at me with unstoppable AI waves, I gave out and let the AI win.  Next time around though (which shouldn't be too long from now  ;D) I'll be tweaking how I play the game, probably take off marauders.  Hard to say.  

The really fun stuff was getting the spire ships.  I liked how I could customize the cities and cruisers.  Seeing them mow down AI waves filled me with way too much glee :D.  Golems felt pretty balanced despite the micromanagement required, however as I mentioned on the tracker, the regenerator golem is simply too weak for its role.  Its health needs a buff imo.  Overall, it was fun till the end.  Which admittedly, I had used cheats at the end of it to save myself and the game just felt over at that point.  I can see from rewinding the game a bit in my head where I made fatal mistakes that costed me the game.  So I'll learn the next time around.  

I think ultimately what killed this campaign was the utter chaos I had put on myself.  With realistic setup, multiple factions, the varied and odd bonus ships and several bad mistakes is what finally caused me to say I quit.  And then the AI ran me over.   :D  So this might have colored my view of the LOTS quest a bit.  It felt like a lot of ships.  

Still, thumbs up for an excellent and polished game.  Can't wait to start my new campaign (after some sleep its 12:47am now as I type this).  LOTS is going to be very fun.  :)

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