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Admiral Lemmings Eternal War: Newb blog
« on: May 07, 2012, 02:32:19 PM »
Hey guys, been playing AI War off and on for a bit. Noticed a slew of new stuff and dlc and expansions, so thought I'd fire it up again and win a game for once. For starters, I've never beat the game. I'm stubborn.

Map settings I will be playing with:

80 planets, Simple-Hub map style, Conquest, Zenith Remnant, Children of the Neinzul, Light of the Spire

Ships: Complex...all ship types enabled

Combat style: Epic (slower), Unit Cap: High, Performance: High (50ms), Visibility: Extra Fog of War, Cheats: No, Show unexplored maps: unchecked (I love this option)

AI Options:

Minor Factions: (everything), Human Colony planets, Human Marauders, Human Resistance Fighters, Golem - Hard, Zenith Devourer. Zenith Dyson Sphere, Zenith Miners, Neinzul Preservation Wardens, Neinzul Roaming Enclaves, Neinzul Rocketry Corps, Fallen Spire, Spire Civilian Leaders, Spirecraft - Hard

No AI modifiers, AI Progress 1 in 30 minutes, No AI Plots, Vanilla AI 7/7

So using these options, I've died like 20 times...each time something completely surprises me and ends me. It's pretty interesting. I've read the entire wiki, seen the tutorial videos, beat the tutorial. But yeah can't beat the game yet.

This blog is my fight to beat this game. I will link to future games in the original post as I strive and endure.



I wake up again. I clench the blanket. Another fight. Another war. The artificial light comes on as the computer realizes I'm awake. The bed folds into the wall as I stand up. I put on my uniform. How will we die this time?

I look in the mirror. White hair beginning to trickle down. I'm not as young as I used to be. The one-piece uniform fits perfectly. It does everytime. The medals and ribbons shine in the mirror. The computer automatically shaves my face for me as I stand still. It never misses. I walk to the bridge.

"ATTENTION ON DECK!" screams the officer on the watch. "At ease," I call, walking to my place at the large conference table. Viewscreens, data, maps fill the walls. Orderlies work at every screen, at full attention. My command staff all sits as I sit. "Report," I say.

"Admiral, the machines have stopped attacking. Initial reports and scouts show they have powered down. G-2 says they do not think we are a threat," Captain Hacket says, putting a large report book in front of me. I look at the images of the machines stuck to guard posts, not moving. "Thermal scans show them not having much internal activity. This is being seen throughout the border wormholes."

"Very well. Make scout drones and send them into the neighboring sectors. It's time to go on the offensive." I say, leaning back in the chair. Everyone around the table smiles. They've waited a long time for this day. To finally put the machines on the defensive.

"Sir, G-2 is not sure yet why they stopped attacking. We need to do more studying as well. G-3 has also given us new specs on some different ways to fight the machines. We can also upgrade all our existing stationary attack platforms that were useful during the war. They've put you in charge of what to upgrade," Master Chief Petty Officer Reynold says, bringing up a screen showing areas of technology we can unlock.

"Lets see what the scouts bring up and then we'll make some decisions. Make sure the scouts are not manned. I have a feeling they're not going to be making it back. Also start construction on fighters, bombers, shield bearers, and missile frigates, for local protection. Lets save the stationary platforms for when we know where they're coming from, if they attack again."

"Yes sir!" He salutes. I stand, everyone stands and salutes. I head to the bridge. "Send the scout's reports to me, and lets get our engineers moving."


I stare at the reports from the scouts so far. Two Advanced Research Stations within 4 jumps of our home planet. Mark III planets at chokepoints into the rest of the galaxy. Fabricators far out on our visual range. A broken Golem 3 jumps from the home planet. Not much resources around.

"Admiral, G-2 is advising that the Advanced Research Stations can give us more additional ships to our fleet. They our placing priority nine status on them," Rear Admiral Vick says through the comms system. I sip my coffee.

"Very well, priority 9." I look at the rest of the scout reports. The alarms go off.

"Admiral! Sub space anomalies detected in the wormhole in our system!" The orderly in front of the flashing red screen says.

"High alert status. Get the G-6 boys over there to find out what's going on," I say, putting my coffee into my coffee holder. I love this chair.

"Sir, we have machines coming in. Over 100 fighters and missile frigates, with starships as support!"

I mull over it a second. Our fleet should be able to take them out. No chances this time. "Alert engineering. I want ten tractor beam stationary platforms at every wormhole. Priority 10."

"Aye aye, sir!" The orderly salutes, punching away at his keyboard. I take another sip of my coffee. "Get G-4 on the horn. I want to know how long until our mark I fleet is done."

Everyone is on edge. Every battle with the machines has been one of destruction and lost. Half our fleet lost at every engagement. Not this time. His aide at his side was shaking. She most likely had lost a loved one. He looked at her and she smiled weakly, concentrating on the space outside. I nodded at her. It's gonna be ok.

The viewscreen pops up of the space outside the command center. I put some more cream into my coffee. The computer begins a countdown of when the anomaly will be emerging. The fleet is in position. This should be easily dispatched.

"Sir, G-4 reports 15 minutes!" The orderly shouts. "Very well. Continue." I say.

The wormhole grows bigger. The swirling vortex of purple clouds expands and machines materialize. The fleet fires without his orders. They know their job. I smile. My commanders should be commendated. The tractor beams hold them in place while we fire everything into them. The machines explode in place. The bridge erupts in applause and exuberance. Our first victory. Our fleet chases down the starships and we watch the viewscreen go orange as little explosions over the hull lights up the bridge. My aide is crying. I pat her hand and she smiles at me.

"Order the fleet into Xisho. I want that system scrubbed. Bring up the research viewscreen."

Information flooded in front of me. I saw through the transparent lights that my fleet was all ready moving. I selected Bomber Mark II, Gravitational Turrets, Tachyon Turrets to be unlocked. I smile. They will not have me this time.


I watch from the war room Xisho's fall. The fleet moved closer to the AI as they sat stuck to their guard stations, barely moving. Only when the fleet came close did they unattach themselves and attack, easily falling with their enormous odds of 100-1. My staff sat in awe. "How is this possible? Where did the hordes of ships go? How can we take these so easily?" My chief of staff asked.

"I don't know. But let's not get too hasty or bullish. One step at a time. These warp gates our scouts have picked up are what are sending these anomalies at us. If we take out adjacent warpgates, they don't send through that wormhole. They send through ones they can." I say, standing up next to the viewscreen.

I point to the galaxy map. "If we destroy the warpgates here, here, and here...then Xisho will be the only place they will send anomalies to. We build our stationary defenses here, keeping our mobile fleet moving to other star systems to take more territory."

One of my staff looks at me questionally. "Admiral, how do you know this?"

I cringe, thinking of all the pain. All the past failures. "I get reports that some of you don't. This is the truth. Trust me. Just like how those machines fell on our first victory. This too is true."

That's enough for everyone else. Everyone is satisfied. I don't have to explain myself. I begin laying out instructions for Xisho, when another alarm goes off. 99 fighters coming in through another wormhole. I order the fleet back to the home planet to mop them up, then finish with the razing of Xisho.

I sip my coffee. Everything is going too easy.


Engineer Davis worked as fast he could building the sniper turrets behind the forcefield. Who does this? Why build these? The fleet was all ready destroying everything that came into the sector. He slowed his work. It's break time.

With the donut going down, and the glass separating him from open space fogged up slightly, he saw a flash. The fleet disappeared into a worm hole. He continued munching, watching the silence of space. Another wormhole opened up. MACHINES. He dropped his donut, and grabbed the controls. Maybe I shouldn't question my orders. The sniper turret began firing immediately after being built.


"Admiral, Special Forces have entered our space!" the comms scream, the war map popping up. 15 ships. The sniper turrets he ordered easily take them out. "Nothing to worry about Ensign. Continue your monitoring."

"Aye sir," He salutes. I sip my coffee. I need more coffee. Maybe something a little more black this time.

"Admiral, Xisho has been razed. Awaiting your orders."

I look up at the map. "Very well. Send the schematics to G-3 on how I want the turrets set up. Tell them it's priority. Send the fleet back to home command for repairs. Put up a military command center there and send our research stations there, see what they can find."

"Aye aye, sir!" the viewscreen goes off. Blasted. Where was the damn coffee maker. I look at my watch. I punch in the G-3 number. "Captain. Send the fighters into Leco and destroy the warp gate. Keep the rest of the fleet at the last wormhole and be prepared to raze those planets as well."


I'm back in the bridge now, with a fresh pot of coffee. The air on the bridge is electrifying. Our success is breeding success. Everyone is excited, and anticipating my next orders. I watch the razing of Tindiczar and Liknuil. I need more cream.

"Admiral, permission to create new colonies on those planets?" My aide asks.

"Denied. We need to destroy the warp gates on neighboring planets before setting those planets up. Or the anomalies will go there and not our defenses."

"Ah I see. Very well, standing by for your orders."

"Continue gate raiding the surrounding two. I want those colonies up as soon as possible."

The alarms sound again. 200 machines flying to Xisho. I smile. "Bring up Xisho. Lets see how our new defenses hold."

Everyone stops what they're doing on the bridge and watches the timer tick down. There is no fleet there this time. This will be all automated defenses. Some whisper that the admiral might be fool hardy. Others pray. The wormhole expands. The machines materialize. The lightning turrets flash. Everything explodes. Cheers go around the entire ship again. I smile and sip my coffee. I can hear the celebration through the bulkheads. Everyone returns to their stations. All is well.

"Sir, Both of the planets bordering Tindiczar is a mark III planet. Your orders?"

"Take the pilots out of the fighters and send them with express orders to destroy the gate, and nothing else."

"And the one with the force field surrounding the warp gate?"

I stop. I hadn't read that report. "Give me the scouts reports for that planet."

This isn't good. Fighters will not be able to take that warp gate out. My energy reserves are running low with all the turrets and mark II fighters and bombers being added, plus the support starships being created. They needed to colonize these two planets. "Build raid starships. Send one in. Kill the warp gate."

"Aye Aye, sir."


I watched as the raid starship was blown up immediately by the forces surrounding the wormhole. I lean back in my chair, spilling my coffee slightly. Our first hiccup. The crew wasn't fazed. We were on floating on air now. Nothing could stop us.

"Very well. Send the fleet into that sector. I want that force field down and that warpgate down. Get colony ships ready to colonize."

I watch as the fleet disappears into the wormhold. Live feed through the viewscreens is on every bulkhead. What's the worse that could happen?"


"Rogue Leader, reporting in." Commander Crypes says into his comms. He listened to his wing report in. His fighter readied to enter the wormhole. His wing was by his side. He has orders to go on the other side and protect the bombers while they took down the warpgate, and then get the hell out. Scouts reported not much on the other side. They had them beat 5-1. He smiles and looks at the picture of his daughter on the cockpit. Seven scratch marks were next to it, for each machine killed. It's pay back time sweetie.

Reality came back into view as they came out on the other side. Immediately lasers began firing at his crew. They easily dispatched the worm hole forces. Adrenaline filled his veins. "Secure the area, Rogue group!" I said into the comms. Our wing broke into groups of 3, as was trained. The machines were streaming in now from every guard post. They were not dormant like the other 3 planets they had razed. Something wasn't right here.

The monolith spaceship came right for them. He had never seen it before. It almost looked like a flower. That's when it activated it's tractor beams, and his ship lost all control. "THIS IS ROGUE LEADER, I HAVE LOST CONTROL OF MY SPACECRAFT." He felt the acceleration. It was pulling them. To what? He noticed his entire wing was caught. "EVERYONE, FIRE ON THAT SHIP. NOW!" All lasers, missiles, and bombs went straight for it. It was barely putting a dent in it's shields. It's hull was not being pierced. Sweat started to come down his face. This was not good.


Captain Shiller stood paralyzed on the bridge of his ship. The flower spacecraft had seized his fighter wing. It was pulling it away from his forces. "ALL HANDS. FIRE ON THAT SHIP." It didn't do anything. It was barely hurt. Four more of those ships came barrelling towards them. That's when he noticed the betrayal.

His own ships were firing on him. What was going on? "Ensign, what the hug is going on!"

The ensign was frantically hitting keys. "Sir, that large ship that came from no where. Its turning our ships on us!"

"Well blow it up!" Shiller screamed.

"I'm trying sir! Our forces are being pulled by those flower ships!"

Shiller buried his hands in his face. This was a disaster. But it would not be a failure. He pushed a button on his command chair for comms. "Raid starship. Blow up the warpgate. NOW."

He watched silently as his fleet was pulled into the abyss. The comms were active. They were screaming. They were crying. They were begging for help. There was nothing he could do. "Full retreat."


I spilled my coffee all over the floor. I didn't even notice. The entire bridge was silent. Three starships made it out of that fiasco. Three. All those lives. Lost.

"Admiral. G-2 reports 200 mark III machine ships, and the zombified remains of our fleet, coming straight for our home station."

I listened to the quiet bridge. Everyone waited. We had no defenses. The reports of the remaining starships hurriedly making back home were overran by the coming fleet. My fleet. The machines had hacked my ships. They had pulled my ships into another wormhole. I have no fleet. The zombifier ship was leading the charge into his home planet. The scouts sat on the edge of that vision, reporting everything to the map.


The freshly built ships I had just made got turned into zombies immediately. They started attacking my tractor turrets. The mark III ships began pouring into my home station. All the engineers were working overtime. I immediately cut all fabricators from making more ships. Turrets were our only hope now.

As they came online, they began blasting away. 5 ships were destroyed. The zombifier had nothing to zombify. The tractor beam ships had nothing to pull into the abyss. More turrets came up. A pounding sound was here in the hull. The force field was being fired upon.

All hands on the bridge watched silently as the engineer crew began to be picked to pieces. The turrets were barely functional. They were taking out smaller zombie ships. But they weren't cutting it for the mark III bombers. I began to hear weeping.

"I don't want to die alone," One of my ensigns said to another ensign. They embraced. The turrets started to fall. Over 100 ships remained, with nothing to blow them up.

The computer chimed in. "5 minutes until force field breach." When that shield is breached, this command station will fall. I've failed. I failed everyone. Again. I leave. Everyone is crying now, begging for their god to save them. Some started to make out, stripping off their uniform. I go to my quarters.

I can hear the faint vibrations of the machines pounding the shields now. Soon this place will explode. I open the box. The box that allows me to quantum leap to another dimension. Another chance. Another failure. To watch my command and crew die again. How many times have I failed? Am I fit for command? Will I ever succeed.

I hear the explosions in the distance. The bastards breached the force field. I push the button. Maybe this next time I won't fail.

AFTER ACTION REPORT: 1:37:16, ADJ Score: 146,081, MAP SEED: 1, SCORE/TIME 14, Player Score: 85207. Kill/Loss: 134%, Two Vanilla difficulty 7 AI's, cheats: no, Player Kills: 1792, Most built ship: Fighter 1 (285), ALL options on, All expansions.

Things learnt: Don't send your entire fleet for a gate raid :/ It apparently pisses em off. Also I hate spire tractor beams. So much.

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Re: Admiral Lemmings Eternal War: Newb blog
« Reply #1 on: May 07, 2012, 02:42:33 PM »

I see you've got both Golem hard and Spirecraft hard on. That can be a real tough setting with the double exo-waves arriving.

In my current game I've actually turned everything off, just me and the AI. (And it's winning at the moment.....)

Anyways, always good to see more people and how they tackle the game.


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Re: Admiral Lemmings Eternal War: Newb blog
« Reply #2 on: May 07, 2012, 02:55:15 PM »
Trying to win a 7/7 game with all minor factions enabled? Interesting. I have never tried that, but I think it could be fun to do.
Keep in mind that, each time you destroy a warp gate, you will free a whole bunch of enemy ships, which will either attack or stalk a wormhole (threat). You want to kill that threat, as having too much threat lying around is never a good idea. But when you kill that threat, more ships will free and become threat, etc. So if you destroy a warp gate, always make sure you destroy the rest of the planet as well (guard posts + enemy ships). Sending in your whole fleet for this often works. If it doesn't (fleet gets wiped out, AI eye in the system, etc), send in only your fighters for example. They'll release some ships before they die, but they usually won't free the entire planet.

Also, if you have a bunch of ships stalking your bordering wormholes and you want to lure them into your planet, retreat your mobile fleet into another world, wait for the enemy to attack and then move your fleet back in to destroy them. The enemy knows it if your planet is well protected and often won't attack until it believes it has enough power to destroy you.

Hope this helps =)
good luck

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Re: Admiral Lemmings Eternal War: Newb blog
« Reply #3 on: May 08, 2012, 12:49:30 PM »
I enjoyed the style you wrote that in, adds some interesting flair. Look forward to the next report... now to get back into my own game today.


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