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chronicle of defeat
« on: December 29, 2011, 07:15:07 AM »
7/7 difficulty, random AI moderate (mad bomber and peacemaker) zenith and neinzul addons. Zenith traders and all Nenzul factions (easy hybrids). Moderate golems, but I decide to fight without them and use it only as the last save chance.

15:08 Everything is fine. I have 22 systems. AI progress is 443. My capital is Jozingnei. Oslacar is II level system and have 353 ships, 5 heavy bombers and have orbital mass driver. I sent in attack my North Army having 500 ships without starships.
15.12 Baji is under attack by 550 chameleons and 91 zenith bombers. I have against them 188 ships. North Army can not come because they are attacking Oslacar. Chameleons one-shooted my force fields. I did not expect those ships to be  so strong.
15:13 Baji station destroyed.
15:14 450 Chameleons are attacking Tunedic. They destroyed shield II generator in less than a minute. They destroyed station and Z-Power generator. AI Progress increased by 10.
15:16 Decision was made to leave Joza to enemy and made defense at Swoenanios. 281 ships of North Army continue fighting for Oslacar. My South Army is fighting against a wave of frigates in Leaki.
15:17 Joza station destroyed. Wave of frigates was easily destroyed. South Army has now 658 ships. I have at Swoenanios 172 ships vs 410 enemy’s ones.
15:18 All my ships in Swoenanios are destroyed. Enemy have now 340 ships in Swoenanios. In Oslacor enemy destroyed. I have to destroy counter attack Post there.
15:20 A miracle at Baji. My 26 snipers and sentinel frigates captured 20 chameleons(my parasites do not survive so long) and eliminated all enemy forces there. Well all those snipers were doomed to die but they freed the planet! 100 my ships from capital entered Swoenanios.
15.21 Station is destroyed in Swoenanios. I have rebuilt station in Baji.
15:23 Enemy is divided some of them went to Jonisa others to Foliksi. There are 50 Chameleons in Swoenanios. There are 180 enemy ships in Foliksi.
15:25 Station is destroyed in Foliksi. Chameleons are destroyed in Jonisa. I sent 86 ships to liberate Swoenanios. Situation is becoming more stable and I decided to destroy Counter attack post in Oslacor. I have 14 minutes till 920 ships from counter attack post will attack Jonisa. I have destroyed AI station in Oslacor. I have now 200 ships that liberating Swoenanios. Oh my God!  There was one more wormhole in Oslocar that I did not noticed and now from there was launched a Nenzul rocket. Good I had North army there that destroyed that rocket. My ships that have eliminated enemy in Baji,  have eliminated enemy in Tunedic. From this moment I will call ships those were fighting in my lost systems as partisans.
15:30  Ai progress 475. Rebuilt station in Tunedic. I am waiting a wave with 500 bombers at Oslacar. I have there North army with 168 ships. I have a mass orbital driver I have captured there and I do not want to lost it. It will be tough. Rebuilt station in Swoenanios.
15:35 Partisans eliminated enemy in Joza.
15:40 The bomber wave eliminated without much losses from my side. I expected more tough fight. Maybe it was because of my high level guns there. Against attack of 920 ships from Counter attack post I have 406 ships in Jonisa.
15:41 A heavy attack of 920 ships in Jonisa. The station is destroyed. Now 155 ships attacking my capital from there. I expect a wave of 950 ships in Kilcha. I am moving my Southern army there. It comes through fighting enemies in Jonisa. My Northern army have only 212 ships and far to away from Kilcha. So I have to leave my south undefended now. Enemy is destroyed in my capital. From Jonisa 150 enemy ships entered Swoenanios. My South army is making breakthrough at Swoenanios. Despite all quickness I made South army failed come to Kilcha before wave appeared.
15:45 Enemy have 820 bombers and 136 zenith bombers in Kilcha. My south army making breakthrough through systems in  a flames of war.
15.46 bombers made two volleys and shield was destroyed in Kilcha. Well, at least attack from counter attack post was repulsed by cost of station in Jonisa. Station in Kilcha destroeyd. 180 ships of first part of South army appeared at Kilcha.
15:47  South army is now too stretched. I ordered fast ships do not wait slow ones and now South army dying in parts. There are 700 enemy ships in Puizor. My last part of South army consisted of 184 tanks and 62 frigates appeared at Puizor. There are 97 ships of South army who are fighting still in Kilcha.
15:48 Station in Puizor is destroyed. Rebuilt stations in Jonisa and Foliksi. But station in Foliksi do not survive long. I have sent from Swoenanios 300 ships that defeated counter attack from counter attack post into Foliksi. Enemy have 470 ships in Foliksi now. Foliksi station is destroyed.
15:51 I am expecting wave of 551 fighters in Lichambr where I have a translocator fabric with a ion cannon of III level. Now I have 100 partisans in each Kilcha, Puizor and Foliksi. Enemy have 230 ships in Swoenanios.
15:54 The wave of  554 fighters appears. Station is destroyed in Swoenanios. Partisans eliminated enemy in Puizor. 78 Zenith bombers are attacking Jonisa. My translocators have translocated enemy fighter all around the system in Lichambr. Ion cannon works nice. Partisans eliminated enemy in Kilcha. Partisans eliminated enemy in Foliksi. Those are remains of South army.
16:00 I have found home AI 2 station. Enemy fighters are destroyed in Lichambr. I have rebuilt stations in freed systems by partisans: in Foliksi, Kilcha and Puizar. Partisans freed Swoenanios. Swoenanios is rebuilt.
16:10 There are 970 fighters and 30 bombers (400ships in carrier too)  in a wave at Sharpsicvi.
I have against them 380 ships of rebuilt South army.
16:13. Carrier is deployed with 200 ships of III level in Akrib. They begin shooting 98% armored broken golem.
16:14 Station is destroyed in Sharpsicvi. My South army is destroyed in Sharpsicvi. 580 enemy ships are attacking Lybiyar. Station destroyed in Lybiyar. I have build a force field around golem in Akrib. I have only one reserve now – North Army consisting of 540 ships.
16:19 I will get a wave of 975 fighters in Burnan in 3 minutes. Crap. I can not sustain having 540 ships without action any more. I am sending them from North to Burnan. 540 enemy ships from fighters wave now in Akrib. I have there advanced factory so I can not loose this system. 
16:21 My first 75 ships appeared in Akrib and I have two more detachments coming. Enemy have 455 ships in Akrib. The war is decided in Akrib. I do not try to eliminate enemy forces in my lost planets anymore, everything into Akrib! Shields at factory and station now at 25% and 19%. I sent shield that covers golem to cover station. Oh!  Enemy stopped hitting almost destroyed shields at factory and now attacking golem with 95% health that has not shield anymore.  I have 154 ships against wave of 960 fighters in Burnan. That is first part of North Army. Others are too far away. There are 408 enemy ships in Akrib all around system. Thanks to translocators. Enemy are still hitting Golem in Akrib forgetting everything else about.
 16:25 Second part of Northern Army (186 ships) appeared in Burnan. But shields are 14% and 19% there. I lost station  in Burnan. A carrier with IV level of ships is deployed in Yicao.
16:26 Yicao station is destroyed.
16:27 Everything go to hell. I will receive in 13 minutes cross planet attack by 2600 ships. Last part of Northern army appeared at Burnan. I have 464 ships there. More to worse I am waiting wave of 770 bombers at Zupwoape. I have there captured ion cannon of IV level. Time to see it in action.
16:30 72 ships of IV level appeared at Leaki from Ycao. I have sent from capital 66 ships to help there. Zupwi station is destroyed by IV level ships from Ycao. My frigates made long shooting into enemy stationary fighters in Burnan. Enemy wave of bombers appears. Good I have there military station. Now enemy have 600 bombers.
16:32 Zupwoape station is destroyed. Ion cannon of IV level is destroyed. That was cost of sending North army to cover the capital and help in Burnan. Enemy is fully eliminated in Burnan and Akrib. A carrier was deployed in Rieli and destroyed station there. On the North 260 bomber are attacking Baji. The detachment that was sent into Leaki was eliminated. Leaki station is destroyed. I have sent 200 ships from Akrib to free Libiyar. I am waiting for 852 nenzul youlings in Swoenanios. 60 Enemy bombers from Zupwoape are attacking Oslacor. Baji station is destroyed. I am loosing North. Burnan station rebuilt.
16:35 Another detachment of 60 ships I have sent to Leaki destroyed. After that 70 ships of IV level made counterattack to my capital from Leaki. My main forces: 200 ships is freeing Libiayr, 220 comes to help defend Sucro, 240 ships are defending Burnan, where I am rebuilding guns and 100 are fighting in capital.
16:37 850 Nenzuls appears in Swoenanios. I do not have any ships for that.
16:39 Nenzuls destroyed Swoenanios station. Enemy ships of IV level were destroyed in my capital. I have now 14 systems and 750 ships.  Cross planet attack in 20 seconds. Joza under attack of  600 dying nenzuls.
16:40 Cross planet attack. Nenzuls destroyed Joza station. Enemy attacking Akrib with 400 ships.
16:41 1900 enemy ships are in Akrib. It likes it is the end. I have only one option – quickly finish armored golem. It has 85% health now. Advanced factory and station are destroyed. They were covered by two force fields of II level. Golem is at 95% … 97.. 98…99 %. Golems force filed is destroyed, engineers killed. All is ended. Advanced factory is destroyed, golem is lost. Now I do not control three systems on South, Akrib, Libiyar and Shrapsicvi. Good news – situation on north stabilized. After bombers destroyed my ion cannon they could destroy only one station on Baji. After their advance was stopped. In Oslacar and Tunedic I stand firm and now destroying their bombers with spiders turrets. It likes they have damaged engines and enemy can not move at all. After I finish destroying 5 and 11 bombers in these  planets I will rebuild two lost systems. Nenzuls also managed destroy two systems and then they died. Threat is 3200. I sent 340 ships from capital to free Leaki.
16:45 Enemy forces are eliminated in Leaki. Enemy bombers are destroyed at Oslacor. Building Colony ships there. My snipers and sentinel  frigates eliminated enemy forces in Zupwoape. Rebuit Leaki and Zupwoape. I have sent 313 ships from Leaki to reconquer Rieli.
16:48 Enemy is attacking Sucro. I have 210 ships to defend it. Oh, those are ships that destroyed Akrib. Now they go through Libiyar and Sharpsicvi, which I did not have control. 1600 enemy ships in Sucro now.
16:49 Sucro station is destroyed.
16:50  Now it is Sictic time. 1300 enemy ships in Sictic. Rebuilt Baji station. My 75 ships are reconquering Swoenanios. 300 ships are reconquering Rieli.
16:51 Sictic lost. Burman is last system before my capital. 1400 enemy ships at Burnan. I have 13 system now. I ordered 300 ships in Rieli to return to my capital. There I will made my last fight. 2000 enemy ships in Burnan now.
16:53  Enemy wave of 200 teleporters and 430 bombers appeared in Baji. Burnan lost. I have 167 ships in capital. Baji station was destroyed.  I failed to build two additional shields of II level there. They were at 90% built. Teleporters destroyed a shield of I level and then finished station. In my capital I have two fields of II level and two fields of I level.
16:54 1300 enemy ships in my capital. Tunedic station destroyed by teleporters.
16:55 1900 enemy ships in my capital. Rockets. Yes, I can build rockets! I have mission silo and built light rocket. 300 enemy ships eliminated, and many heavy wounded. My army from Leaki appeared in my capital. Teleporters destroyed station in Zupwoape. I have 314 ships in my capital. One more light rocket launched. 400 enemy ships no more.
16.56 Enemy destroyed all my cryogen pods. Station is destroyed. Lost.

I am a fan of wargames and enjoy epic fights. That game can be played in a lot of ways, my way  that is wargame I have not seen before greater.  All those attacks, counterattacks, loosing and getting back systems I never seen wargame that offers such epic struggle. I am playing on speed minus 4 with epic speed of combat. I can not understand how I can miss such wonderful strategy. I have known about this game only when I saw this game in a steam featured game list. I usually check what game has discount and saw this one. I was under great impression. That is game I can only dream. Best wargame I have ever seen. It is real star wars on a big map, with a huge strategic decision where to place fleets, what to strike, what to develop. And then tactic comes in micromanaging ships in fights. So many different units. I remember how I was waiting star wars strategy game called ‘rebellion’ and how this game was poor as strategy. I really can not understand why this game is not well known. If Lucas arts label on your game Star wars label, add some star wars lore components, this game become hit. People will be crazy on sending waves of tie fighters against x-wings or starships.

That was  my 5th game. Every game I open some new option. In my previous game I played with moderate golems and learned what they are.  The game was easy victory with two easy defensible AI.  This time I decided to unlock Nenzul addon and watch what their factions are. The reason I have lost – the war was not dangerous at all. Sometimes I was loosing systems, but I got them back all the time and there was not any serious threat to my capital. Also having two force field level two was like having indestructible defense. In my previous game I have built beam cannons and fortress where I had advanced factory but in this game I forget about it. For 16 hours everything was too good. I was not prepared for such devastation blow that AI made. At the end first time I used rockets with a success  and now I know when I shall use them. Anyway that game was a lot of fun. Thank you! 

I am 33 years old, from Russia.

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Re: chronicle of defeat
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A note on your map usage, you might look into a bit more 'turtling', particularly for the home systems.  If you can get a chokepoint or two a little off of your home system, you can turret it up and leave that as a defensive point while you use the rest of your fleet for more offensive purposes.
... and then we'll have cake.

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Re: chronicle of defeat
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Interesting read. =) I dont think I would have taken the loss as gracefully as you did. Certainly not gracefully enough to post about it.  :P

While it is true that using licensed content like Star Wars would draw a lot of extra attention and funding to the game, it would also curtail the freedoms of development with regard to balance and content.

Time to roll out another ball of death.


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