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« on: May 06, 2014, 09:38:40 PM »
I wanted to try alt-champ and the new combat spirecraft. I also wanted a short game.

Version 7.022.

10/10 Backdoor Hacker/The Core // Everything/Experimentalist

50 planets spokes, Sentinel Frigates, 908295564.

2 alternate champions

Resistance 4
Rebellions 4
Dyson 4
Enclaves 4
Golems moderate
Botnet moderate
Spirecraft hard 4
Fallen Spire 4

Preservation Wardens 4
Neinzul Rocketry Corps 4
Hybrids 4/4
Hunter 10/0
Shark B 0/4

Special Victory Condition: Must win within 5 hours.

===Operation Blitz====
I began with my standard initial unlocks: Military station III and Enclave starship III.

The enclaves, substations, and two shadow frigates are more than sufficient to repel the first two waves. The salvage from that funds the rest of the fleet.

I quickly conquered the adjacent starIV hub planet, which apparently also contained the secrets of advanced negotiation. Battleship size unlocked, along with nanosubverter modules.

I raided four data centers with my shiny new battleships, then conquered the third and last hub, which has nothing important, but connects to most of the spokes I want to conquer.

Unlocked engineer IIIs

Conquered ARS (bulletproofs)/ Dyson world.

Raided the rest of the data centers and co-processors.

Conquered a widow, cursed, and hive world, and brought them online.

Conquered both archives. Extracted.

Hacked the superterminal for ~100 AIP reduction.

Conquered another widow, another two hives, and two artillery golems.

Metal is mostly going into golems and combat spirecraft.

Conquered remaining ARSs.

Swatted spirecraft exo contemptuously. Even if it did come out right next to home.

Repaired fleet. Built another batch of spirecraft. Conquered last remaining core shield generator.

Hacked for lightning torpedoes, spire blade spawners, and k.
Then, with ~20 HaP, I design-hacked an everything planet for 7 fleetships, including tackle drone launchers.

Time : 4 hours.

25 attritioners.
21 siege towers
21 translocators
25 shield bearers
21 implosion artillery
23 penetrators, including a mkV
~20 rams
1 mkV martyr

3 hive, 2 widow, 2 arti, 1 cursed.

Enclave IIIs
Flagship IIIs
Riots III
Zenith III
Spire III + core
Corvettes III + core

Lightning torpedoes III
Spire Blade Spawners III
Sentinel Frigates III
Tackle Drone Launchers III
Shield bearers III
Bombers III + V
Anti-Armor III
Bulletproofs I and V
Laser gatlings V
Reprocessor V
Sniper V
Munitions boost V
electric shuttles, grenade launchers, paralyzers, nanoswarms, armor, scapegoat mkI
Speed boosters
72 Merc fighters
A little bit of everything else, from my champion nanosubversion modules.

The actual homeworld attacks were pretty easy, though I still definitely had to be careful. Really, I should have been more careful, but I decided to just try to win with 5 minutes on a CPA clock.

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Re: Blitz
« Reply #1 on: May 06, 2014, 11:15:19 PM »
Ok, there's "winning 10/10", and there's "steamrolling 10/10 contemptously" ;)

The former is temporarily tolerable, the latter requires Eradication Protocol.

Still, congrats on the win.

Of course, it giving you BBs has been dealt with.

Another thing that sticks out is it letting you get away with hacking into massive negatives with no additional response.  It's mechanically correct but it should give at least some kind of pushback for that kind of abuse.  Though the utility of that was specific to that AI type (to get that density of backups) and didn't sound like it was in any way critical to your strategy.  And it did definitely shut down the chance of any future hacking.

It doesn't sound like the pain you suffered for the Spirecraft and Golems was in any way adequate to the amount of pain you inflicted with them, though perhaps that's partly because of the feel of reading a quick summary of how something was done.

And of course the response to the champs wasn't much, but that's already different for alt, and will be soon for normal.
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Re: Blitz
« Reply #2 on: May 06, 2014, 11:43:04 PM »
it giving you BBs has been dealt with.
They weren't really important. 40 mark five nanosubverters against everything is fun, though.

It doesn't sound like the pain you suffered for the Spirecraft and Golems was in any way adequate to the amount of pain you inflicted with them
Nope. Not even close. The game only lasted long enough to see one exo. The golems gave me 135 AIP, but after last time, mere core or everything waves didn't really cut it. Having multiple ingress points helped, too. And full spirecraft caps are beastly.

The way the map was set up forced a lot of capturables into a small number of planets. I think the "no golems or fabricators within two of the homeworld) should be a bit less rigid if there are very few valid possibilities for capturables. Though I don't think any individual fabricator or golem made a huge difference. Smaller maps should maybe even have fewer fabricators/controllers in general.
If warheads can't solve it, use more warheads.


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