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a (y)aar(rrr) featuring excessive waste of starships!
« on: January 11, 2010, 05:21:55 PM »
So I figured itd be a cool idea to set me up with some random non-tech 8.3 AIs. On a tree map and like 60 planets.
I started off with space planes, putting me in a nice spot, with some okish resources for mass fleet starship production.

I start producing scouts, figuring ill find which way to go and go off on a reckless disreguard for AI progress. That was 5 hours ago..
I got a teleporter turtle thingie and a entrenched homeworlder. i figure that cant be too bad,,, but I should be careful with those teleport raiders... turns out they werent the problem at all.
I picked the side with the mk4 factory, the core fabricator, and the experimental fab... Two of those three were worthless. Take your favorite guesses >.> None the less, the resouces were actually fairly good, allowing me to advance with only energy as a problematic resource. It wasnt until a while in that I remembered that when I've got huge + numbers i should just go for mk3 reactors.. heh.. anyway... map below...

the one on the left is me, in red, with the other guys in other colors. Lol.
The teleporter homeworld is the one I found, and I figured it shouldnt be that hard. I pushed my way down, having unlocked fleet, zenith, raidmk1, and dreadmk1 starships, using mk2-4 space planes.
They died like wheat to my scythe, until I hit the mk3 world, where I had issues. Electric issues. Ever since them electric shuttles and lightning turrets got fixed buffed, they murdered my space planes like no other. Thankfully I learned really quickly that starships make excellent cannon fodder for absorbing electric attacks.. and space planes with 5x boosts are devastating.

Anyway - I went over and conquered pretty much everything in that line, and then I went on to do the traditional fleet building in preparations for assaulting the mk4 world next to their home..

I had scouts in both systems, a little bit lucky granted, as I usually dont get far enough with mk2s. Well anyway - I decided to poke a forcefield in (my usual way to keep teleporters out of my other systems, plus the forcefield on the exit back to my other worlds..) Anyway, this turned out to be a bad idea. It died faster than I could recall it.. Either from the bombers, or the fortress.. or... something. Anyway, that was stupid.
Then, i look over at my scout info.. and... I see.. OMFG hundreds of core bombers stacking up on the wormhole. There was no way i could get through that... Soooo I kinda waited.. to see if theyd go away.
Looks like they did go. Straight into my system.

I had no real defense besides my huge fleet, but that was not enuogh. 500 core bombers quite litereally ripped through my starships, my spaceplanes, my forcefields... there was no stopping them. Thankfully, they decided to split up enuogh that i could attrit them away (by means of rebuilding as fas as possible >.>)
Anyway, I figured ok.. now that those are gone, lets rebuild asap and get my ass back in there.
So I put back together my starship fleet, rebuild my planes, rebuild the three orbital command stations I lost. Eventually, I'm back ready again - I send my fleet through the wormhole.
t+1 sec - fleet is in. Commencing attack..
t+2 lightning turrets go off. Space planes are still cloaked, I'm good
t+5 everything starts dieing. On both sides.
t+12ish.. Lightning turrets go off again. Space planes.. dead.
t+.. I'm screwed, fleet is back to being dead. Core bombers have decided again to cuddly hug  my planets.
And then I kinda gave up. :\
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