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A quick 30 planet game, AI's Moderate/easy random
« on: November 02, 2009, 10:36:00 PM »
The game started off well enough. We picked a realistic/hub seed and chose our favorite starting starships/ one's we wanted to try out. I picked raptors, cause i I love how fast they can move, and being able to harass enemy systems. Dr. Feel good took vampires, and the Kylra took tanks.

As far as hubs go, I started out with 4 wormholes leading to my system, which is starving me on energy defending everything. I have to remember to lighten up the one's that arn't getting action, but I don't want a suprise raid to catch me off gaurd. Minimal defense at base, luckily, the system I attacked is where all the Mk I waves are coming through, so I eat them up and have my army sitting outside the gate they arrive.

We first attacked a system between the doctor and I. They didn't stick around very long, so I was left with mop up. With the attrition of taking out two shieldsd I'm having trouble keeping more raiders and bomber fielded, so my force stands at 129 with mk III raiders and bombers. The good news is when I capture the system I will have an advanced starship builder and a AI starship builder captured.

I do have a flag ship built, but my hope is that worrying down the system won't leave me open to attcack.

My teamates are way ahead of me on planets.

I'm horrible with screen shots, but basically most planets connect to 3 others. The AI is one jump away with a IV. it's a small map, and it's a blast!

Will come back with more when it happens. Love feedback: teamate is suggesting raptors are innefficient, but they are so quick and deadly, I think I'm addicted.


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